Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Team Arena

Tonight, we visited the Team Arena for the first time. It can be reached in channel 1 of Queen's Gate. This mission required a minimum of 6 people and we managed to have wuwu of TheOne
join us such that we can start. The teams were (^Q^), Hootz, and WildChinoise versus Conella, wuwu, and us. Initially, we had no idea what was happening but as the minutes wound on, we figured parts of it out.

Apparently, the objective was to invade the other base and defeat their Dios. Each base is protected by creatures and there are upgrades that can be purchased via the Arena Coins that drop from defeated creatures. Hence, we went with an army of creatures to face the other base's creatures. Occasionally, we would meet the other team but we would be defeated as their levels and equipment were so much better. However, one of their members did manage to briefly breach our defenses before we and our automated defenses dispatched them. When they were dispatched, we picked up their Arena Coins and used it to upgrade our base creatures and to downgrade the other team's attack and defense abilities.

At the end, wuwu managed to successfully infiltrate and defeat the other team's Dios. Our team was then warped to a bunch of treasure chests and we got a level 100 enchantment chip out of one. Our other team members received a level 100 enchantment chip and 3 level 92 enchantment chips respectively.

El Zuccio

Recently, we spent about 247 million vis to purchase 25 Mysterious Powders off the market and 250 gold to purchase 5 Amrita in order to craft El Zuccio, the Javelin of the Trump series. We did see someone broadcast an offer to sell one for 400 million but since we only had about 270 million, we couldn't take them up on the offer. After digging through our warehouse, we managed to find 50 Mega Ionium and a Rare Book of Combat in order to purchase our first Stave Guard stance book. From training with it in Skeleton Nest, it seems to work quite well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

30 Golden Spiders in about 8 minutes

Tonight, we smacked a large bunch of Golden Spiders. Exactly 30 of them for us but probably 40 for the people who were already there. It all took less than 10 minutes too. All the pistols being shot made it sound as if there was machine gun fire.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tonight's circus raid

We spent a big portion of this afternoon attempting to get through the quest version of the Chateau de Bourgogne. With a borrowed metal armor and shield, our fighter was able to get through Prost, Celine, and Mario each time. Unfortunately, we were unable to defeat Louis as each time his health fell to half, he summons Prost and Mario and then does some sort of quick attack that defeats us immediately. After a few times of this (which takes a large amount of time), we gave up on the attempt as we have yet to figure out how to avoid or survive that one attack.

Fortunately, we did attend a Circus Raid tonight and we were able to see Louis defeated which gave us some satisfaction. Our reward was a "Le Blanc for Fighter", a DR 27 leather armor.


Today we got a surprise message when we went for our daily talk with the Spring Maiden. We expected the usual 2 Soul Crystals but received 5 Andre's Costume Boxes instead. We were so confused that we missed taking a photo when the Notification was announced.

Opening the Andre boxes, we received:
  • Octopus Hat - shown below matched with the Octopus Scarf
  • Von Trapp Hat - Unfortunately, we don't have a Combat Catherine to wear it
  • Long Coat
  • Robe of Fire
  • Leather Armor

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rewards from Fire Gate

After we returned to town, we did an inventory on what dropped from Lava Leaf. The photo above shows a Skullic Staff (level 96 Misc Bracelet) that allows a wizard to use all their basic stances. We also picked up:
  • Fire Elemental Key
  • Level 80, 84, 96 Enchantment Chips
  • Gaiters of Storm (level 96)
  • Boots of Hermes (level 80, unclear on what's so special about it)
  • Meditative Ring (Bard stance)
  • Elite Bracelet of Uranus (level 84 lightning bracelet)
  • Elite Broinac (level 84 pole arm)
  • Dispel Magic ring
  • Skullic Guard (level 96, it looks like the skull shield in one of the previous entries)
  • Magician's Gloves (level 80, probably gives SP)
  • Elite Elementalist (level 84 robe)
A Robe of Sky Demon (DR 27 Def 153)
Golden Shotgun (level 92, it's pretty shiny)
and finally, the Flame Thrower (AR 32 Attack 134 Innate +130 Fire damage)

Return to Fire Gate

So as promised, we handed over the Lightning Orb and 10 Fire Orbs to Yridry and they gave us a tour of the Flame Whirlpool. We brought our wizard, Romina, and Vincent but it was very difficult to survive.
We did manage to take a good look around at the lava that is flowing towards us and all the debris that it carried down into the unknown depths.
Once Lava Leaf appeared, it became just about impossible to survive due to his wide punched and his jumps.
Fortunately, Yridry was very capable in taking on Lava Leaf by themselves. It was very apparent that Lava Leaf was throwing tantrums like a big baby.
But eventually, even Lava Leaf succumbed to the hail of bullets.

Afternoon's activities

We had a successful Circus Raid this afternoon. In attendance were an Expert Grenmah and a Master Musketeer. This was the same Grenmah that was Veteran in one of the earlier raids but now that she is Expert, she does quite well. The Musketeer was using a high level rifle this time with what we assumed to be the Flintlock stance. The mission completed surprisingly quickly and our Vincent only had to use 1 Soul Crystal when he accidentally stepped on the mine that Mario dropped. We did use 8 or 12 resuscitation potions to help Grenmah though but that was due to his skill needing 4 potions each. Our reward this time was an Elite La Ventisca recipe which we promptly crafted and had Vincent to wear.

Something of note was that Yridry of Ceres made a deal such that we give them a Lightning Orb in exchange for Old Journal #10. For awhile we searched Abertal for the person who wanted the Old Journal before discovering that he was actually in Auch. We still need to give the Lightning Orb to Yridry.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Evening's fun

Tonight we managed to attend another Arsene Circus raid again. This time, our Romina used about 6 Soul Crystals total but managed to resuscitate many more times. The other attendees were a Master musketeer and a Veteran Grenmah. There were quite a few daring moments where Romina rushed into the fray to resuscitate and more than once that she could not escape from the shock wave of attack. One of the funniest moments was that after Mario was defeated the first time, someone stepped on one of his powerful mines.
Our reward from tonight's raid were:
  • Bracelet of the Great Soul - pictured above
  • 3 Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • 1 Veteran Enchantment Chip
  • Red Arsene Circus Ticket

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arsene Circus Raid

Tonight, our Romina went with 2 other clan members to the Arsene Circus Raid. There was a Master level Selva and a Veteran level Musketeer (but with very good equipment). Our Romina was there to provide support.
In the raid, our Romina came in very handy with the resuscitation skill but unfortunately, we had to use about 11 Soul Crystals ourselves (all 6 gathered from the Spring Maiden event + 5 of our own). We barely managed to finish the mission with 5 minutes to spare. Total time was about 73 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised that our Romina was able to withstand 2 hits from the the final boss Louis.
Our reward was a Grim-shout (level 100 shield), 1 Green Rough Stone, 2 level 100 enchantment chips, and 1 Red Arsene Ticket.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Circus Raid

Tonight, we went to our second Arsene Circus raid. However, this time instead of bringing Romina, we brought Vincent instead. This was because one of the other families was bringing a Scout and we figured that the Shining Ballad skill would be useful. The experience this time was different but just as fun as last time. While Vincent was waiting outside a room, one of the Honor snuck up behind him and knocked him out. He was also chased across the hallway by a Honor after using Shining Ballad to recharge the families. We guessed that they didn't like the music.

Something weird also happened while the Scout and our Vincent was waiting in the hallway. One of the dead Honor appeared to come back to life and started to get up off the ground. We made a quick dash in the other direction but fortunately it turned out be a shared hallucination. From tonight, we received a Blue Ticket, a Green Ticket, and a few blue rough stones.

As a reminder for future reference, Conella lent us a +6 Rosa Matrimonio to be returned when her Helena needs it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Maiden

We met the Spring Maiden in channel 1 of Port Coimbra tonight. She said that we would receive a reward if we send a Spring Fever Greeting via the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover.
It took us awhile to find some clovers but we were not able to find the 4 leaf variety. Fortunately, the regular 3 leaf clovers worked just as well. We made our very first broadcast there and received a 30% experience boost for 30 minutes. Each subsequent reward was only for 10 minutes though.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Le Emperador

Tonight, our Karjalain crafted the Red Arsene Ticket and we traded it to the machine outside Reboldeaux for Le Emperador (1 handed sword). The reason being that this is a versatile weapon that is usable by many different characters and also has the Equities stance associated with it. It was an expensive ticket to craft as it required 5 Amrita (aka Holy Water, 50 gold each) and we had to purchase 15 Mysterious Powders off the market for about 185 million vis.

Clivia Sprite costume

Tonight, we remembered to take a photo of the Clivia Sprite costume that our musketeer is wearing. It seems to suit warm climates.

Pondering on the Arsene Ticket

So since we received our first Arsene Ticket yesterday, we've been pondering on what to create from it. As crafting the ticket requires 25 Mysterious Powders (approx 20 gold each) and 5 Amrita (50 gold each), each weapon costs a hefty sum of 750 gold. Assuming that the wiki page is accurate, our opinions for the following are as follows:
  • Le Emperador - We do have a need for a Sword as currently, best swords in our family are level 84 elites (no ARs and not upgraded). The only family member to take advantage of this would be Romina though but it might become her primary weapon.
  • El Ermitano - We don't have a great need for a Sabre as we already have an elite level 92 sabre and only our Captain Adelina is using it. However, it tickles our mind to think of how well Captain Adelina will perform with this particular sabre since it increases attack speed by 30%.
  • La Rueda de la Fortuna - We currently have no need for a main-gauche as we don't have any active Veteran users of it (only a level 100 Andre). Besides, we already have a level 100 Swordbreaker.
  • El Colgado - We currently have no need for a dagger. Maybe if we ever get Lisa to Veteran but that'll take awhile.
  • La Luna - We have absolutely no family members that can use such a high level Knuckle yet. We were also initially planning to craft elite level 92 knuckles (with Tetra Vindictive stones) but this trump weapon is tempting with its innate values if we ever get a martial artist to Veteran.
  • Suma Sacherdotisa - A faster Blunt is tempting but we already have an elite level 92 blunt.
  • Le Torre - We don't have many active Rapier users. Our Karjalain is currently using a level 100 rapier that suits her well.
  • La Justicia - A fast and powerful Great Sword is tempting but we don't have any characters slated to use it as their primary weapon. Besides, we were initially planning to craft elite level 92 great swords from the Joaquin Vindictive stones.
  • El Juicio -Now this Javelin is really tempting as we don't have any good javelins. We'll have to consult with others to determine the viability of this weapon (and the associated stance).
  • La Estrella - Same thoughts as La Luna as we have no one that can use high level Gaiters.
  • La Muerte - This Polearm is moderately tempting but we currently have an elite level 92 polearm.
  • La Temperanza - This Shield isn't tempting at all unless I read a good reason for it. We already have an elite level 92 shield.
Since there are people who are willing to trade for other color tickets, we also considered these other weapons:
  • La Fuerza - The Bayonet is really tempting as we have no good bayonets and they can be used like regular rifles. We wonder if the Flintlock stance is available for the bayonet.
  • La Emperatriz - Other than for the appearance, we wonder why one would choose the Rifle since the bayonet can be used like the Rifle.
  • El Diablo - Pistols are always welcomed but since we already have an elite 92 pistol (with speed and attack enchantments) and a veteran ancestral pistol, we don't have a great need for one.
  • El Carro - We don't have any high level cannon users yet.
  • El Loco - We already have an elite level 92 crossbow.
  • Los Enamorados - Although we already have a veteran ancestral shotgun, the appearance and attack values of the trump Shotgun is really tempting.
  • El Sol - This Lord of Elements bracelet only have AR 28 (maybe a total of 29 AR with the innate +1 AR). We wonder if this stance is useful since we haven't touched it in years.
  • El Sumo Sacherdote - If we started with the Green ticket, this would be really tempting as we don't have a good high level Lute and making an elite level 92 one would be really expensive due to the scarcity of the Mysterious Steel Piece.
  • El Mago - Assuming that this is a regular Staff and we didn't recently get the level 100 staff, this would be tempting too but not as much as the lute.
We noticed that there is a lack of magic weapons like the elemental bracelets and the rod. Fortunately, the veteran ancestral versions are there to fill the gap. When we check the markets tonight, we'll have to take a note at the price of Amrita and Mysterious Powders as we don't have enough Gold for both the WoD package and 5 Amrita without requesting another shipment of Gold.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chateau de Bourgogne

Tonight, our Romina visited the Chateau de Bourgogne. Leading the charge were were Musketeers of the Master level. A Veteran Scout and our Veteran Romina stayed in the background and lent support. It was confusing at times to navigate the maze of hallways and the party even split up for a brief moment in the beginning.
This hallway was so long that we could barely see the Scout at the far end.
Eventually, we arrive in the final room. As it was expected to be tough, we took a seat among the many cushions outside. We did have to enter the room once to resuscitate someone though.
It was a little nerve racking to now that those are actual soldiers standing on guard rather than statues. Fortunately, they were not aggressive.
In the end, we got to sit on Louise Arsene's giant chair. We received a Red Arsene Circus Ticket but have yet to decide on any particular weapon to craft from it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Participated in CW

Tonight, we participated in the Colony War, specifically the one at El Canon de Diabolica. We had many people in the squad as evidenced by the blue dots unfortunately we were out DPed by Ceres. Allies that we were able to notice included Sirius, Aeon, and some clan with odd characters.
This is the most diverse map we have seen this year. We doubt it will last but it's been a fun change.

Highlights of the last few days

  • Joined the Wiley_Coyotes clan yesterday
  • Found a Concentration ring in a Mission Lobby Trinity 3 (along a whole bunch of other rings).
  • Visited Secret Tower for the first time. We brought our musketeer Iris, scout Florence, and elementalist Eloise. Since everyone else was waiting at the center of the first floor, we made a long run there. Iris fell behind and was unable to make it to the 2nd floor. At the 2nd floor, Eloise had a one on one battle with a Ghost in the first room. The Ghost's attack did a strong amount of damage to our scout but only tickled our elementalist. Eventually, the Ghost decided to get close, cast a Lightning spell and then flee. It took awhile to chase it around the room and burn it to death. Unfortunately, upon stepping foot into the 2nd room, a cluster of about half a dozen ghoulish creatures materialized around Eloise and our adventure ended with a wet squish. (Disconnected and therefore couldn't revive) It was also unfortunate that the other family in the room disconnected too and therefore, only a single family was left on the map, saved from not having stepped inside the room.
  • Noticed that an Elite Pendera Jacket recipe was selling for only 250 million vis. Was tempted to buy it but decided to save up for the new musketeer costume or some other armor recipe instead.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kronian Nephtes & Layered Bob

Tonight, we managed to purchase the Kronian Nephtes costume for our scout at a cost of 100 million vis. As the boxes with which this costume comes drop is expected to disappear soon, we may as well purchase it while we still had the chance. Another family gifted us the Layered Bob hair in order to complete the style. Appearance wise, we'd have to say that the outfit seems skimpy, almost like her swimsuit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Market stuff

Tonight, we heard a potential reason for the recent spike in ring prices and perhaps also Mysterious Powder prices. It turns out that breaking accessories at the accessory breaking anvil in Auch may result in Black Oxides. Exchanging 5 Black Oxides and 2 Mysterious Powders to the Precious Metal Merchant in Auch results in a Ring Box. So far, we've converted a bunch of relatively useless rings into 4 Black Oxides. This almost makes us regret selling all those rings during the past month.

We've also restocked our supply of Trinity 3s tonight. It was pretty hard to find as they were unavailable at the market but fortunately, another family was able to help us out. They've also helped us out with an inexpensive a +5 "Le Blanc for Elementalist" (28 DR) for 25 million. We'll probably have either our Vincent or Karjalain wear it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

R.I.P. SoulSociety clan

It appears that sometime within the last day, our SoulSociety clan disbanded. The name is still taken though and we suspect that it is a placeholder (faction changed to neutral, level 51, only 2 members and the leader is offline). Attempts to contact our former clan leader realwarrior (currently also without a clan) were unsuccessful as our time zones are too different. This makes it our third consecutive clan that we have stayed till the very end and we actually feel a bit honored by that.

Other than the daily check of the market and perhaps opening of Bellem Boxes, we think we shall take this opportunity for a break from adventuring and go explore the endless ocean.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Elite Pendera Jacket

Tonight, with the help of a friend who provided us with the needed Mega Etretanium, we managed to craft the Elite Pendera Jacket recipe that we purchased the other day. It has 28 DR and the current enchantments are +10 Def, +20 Movement Speed, and some resistances.

Weekend activities

This past weekend was pretty tame. We missed the retaking of Tetra Hills by the Ceres clan as they did it within 10 minutes of the start of the event. We were running low of Mission Trinity 3s and as they were listed for outrageous prices on the market, we decided to gamble on Bellem Boxes.

We've done this once before when we opened and recorded the drops of a little more than 200 of them. However, as we were not planning to recorded their statistics, we brought them in the thousands. Starting with a seed capital of 10 million vis, we brought 1000 Bellem Boxes. We picked up all that dropped (unlike some other people) and sold all equipment pieces that were below level 80. Level 96 and 100 Enchantment Chips were placed on the market immediately and were sold rather quickly. One of them even sold within 10 seconds. Spinelles were place in the warehouse for a rainy day and our supply of Mission Lobbies started to regrow. We also gained a large number of keys such as the ones for the Barrow and for Assize but we'll hold on to them for potential future use. Everything else stayed in our inventory such that new additions may be stacked onto them. As of the end of last night, the seed capital had grown to nearly 200 million.

Bargains on the market that we noticed this weekend were a level 100 Elite Staff of Gnosis (AR 30) that was listed for 100,000 vis by Shinriki (probably). It was probably a pricing error as the typical price of such an item hovers around 100 million. That item was snatched up by someone else rather quickly so we were not able to verify the name of the family that listed it.

We also tracked the price of a Pendera Jacket Recipe (elite level 92 wizard coat armor) this past week and watched as the price went from 650 million down to 600 million and then to 550 million. When 2 of them were listed for 400 million each yesterday (by Xel'Orto ?), we spent most of our savings to purchase one. The other recipe was purchased by someone else minutes later. We were able to craft a Siren Scale (one of the components of the recipe) with our remaining 52 million (30 for the recipe, 10 for the Elemental Jewel, 12 to purchase 3 High Quality Emeralds from the market) but were unable to afford to Mega Etretanium and Mega Aidanium required to fully utilize the recipe.