Friday, March 26, 2010

Afternoon's activities

We had a successful Circus Raid this afternoon. In attendance were an Expert Grenmah and a Master Musketeer. This was the same Grenmah that was Veteran in one of the earlier raids but now that she is Expert, she does quite well. The Musketeer was using a high level rifle this time with what we assumed to be the Flintlock stance. The mission completed surprisingly quickly and our Vincent only had to use 1 Soul Crystal when he accidentally stepped on the mine that Mario dropped. We did use 8 or 12 resuscitation potions to help Grenmah though but that was due to his skill needing 4 potions each. Our reward this time was an Elite La Ventisca recipe which we promptly crafted and had Vincent to wear.

Something of note was that Yridry of Ceres made a deal such that we give them a Lightning Orb in exchange for Old Journal #10. For awhile we searched Abertal for the person who wanted the Old Journal before discovering that he was actually in Auch. We still need to give the Lightning Orb to Yridry.

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