Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arsene Circus Raid

Tonight, our Romina went with 2 other clan members to the Arsene Circus Raid. There was a Master level Selva and a Veteran level Musketeer (but with very good equipment). Our Romina was there to provide support.
In the raid, our Romina came in very handy with the resuscitation skill but unfortunately, we had to use about 11 Soul Crystals ourselves (all 6 gathered from the Spring Maiden event + 5 of our own). We barely managed to finish the mission with 5 minutes to spare. Total time was about 73 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised that our Romina was able to withstand 2 hits from the the final boss Louis.
Our reward was a Grim-shout (level 100 shield), 1 Green Rough Stone, 2 level 100 enchantment chips, and 1 Red Arsene Ticket.

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