Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chateau de Bourgogne

Tonight, our Romina visited the Chateau de Bourgogne. Leading the charge were were Musketeers of the Master level. A Veteran Scout and our Veteran Romina stayed in the background and lent support. It was confusing at times to navigate the maze of hallways and the party even split up for a brief moment in the beginning.
This hallway was so long that we could barely see the Scout at the far end.
Eventually, we arrive in the final room. As it was expected to be tough, we took a seat among the many cushions outside. We did have to enter the room once to resuscitate someone though.
It was a little nerve racking to now that those are actual soldiers standing on guard rather than statues. Fortunately, they were not aggressive.
In the end, we got to sit on Louise Arsene's giant chair. We received a Red Arsene Circus Ticket but have yet to decide on any particular weapon to craft from it.

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