Saturday, March 20, 2010

Circus Raid

Tonight, we went to our second Arsene Circus raid. However, this time instead of bringing Romina, we brought Vincent instead. This was because one of the other families was bringing a Scout and we figured that the Shining Ballad skill would be useful. The experience this time was different but just as fun as last time. While Vincent was waiting outside a room, one of the Honor snuck up behind him and knocked him out. He was also chased across the hallway by a Honor after using Shining Ballad to recharge the families. We guessed that they didn't like the music.

Something weird also happened while the Scout and our Vincent was waiting in the hallway. One of the dead Honor appeared to come back to life and started to get up off the ground. We made a quick dash in the other direction but fortunately it turned out be a shared hallucination. From tonight, we received a Blue Ticket, a Green Ticket, and a few blue rough stones.

As a reminder for future reference, Conella lent us a +6 Rosa Matrimonio to be returned when her Helena needs it.

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