Monday, March 22, 2010

Evening's fun

Tonight we managed to attend another Arsene Circus raid again. This time, our Romina used about 6 Soul Crystals total but managed to resuscitate many more times. The other attendees were a Master musketeer and a Veteran Grenmah. There were quite a few daring moments where Romina rushed into the fray to resuscitate and more than once that she could not escape from the shock wave of attack. One of the funniest moments was that after Mario was defeated the first time, someone stepped on one of his powerful mines.
Our reward from tonight's raid were:
  • Bracelet of the Great Soul - pictured above
  • 3 Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • 1 Veteran Enchantment Chip
  • Red Arsene Circus Ticket

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