Saturday, March 13, 2010

Highlights of the last few days

  • Joined the Wiley_Coyotes clan yesterday
  • Found a Concentration ring in a Mission Lobby Trinity 3 (along a whole bunch of other rings).
  • Visited Secret Tower for the first time. We brought our musketeer Iris, scout Florence, and elementalist Eloise. Since everyone else was waiting at the center of the first floor, we made a long run there. Iris fell behind and was unable to make it to the 2nd floor. At the 2nd floor, Eloise had a one on one battle with a Ghost in the first room. The Ghost's attack did a strong amount of damage to our scout but only tickled our elementalist. Eventually, the Ghost decided to get close, cast a Lightning spell and then flee. It took awhile to chase it around the room and burn it to death. Unfortunately, upon stepping foot into the 2nd room, a cluster of about half a dozen ghoulish creatures materialized around Eloise and our adventure ended with a wet squish. (Disconnected and therefore couldn't revive) It was also unfortunate that the other family in the room disconnected too and therefore, only a single family was left on the map, saved from not having stepped inside the room.
  • Noticed that an Elite Pendera Jacket recipe was selling for only 250 million vis. Was tempted to buy it but decided to save up for the new musketeer costume or some other armor recipe instead.

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