Sunday, March 7, 2010

Market stuff

Tonight, we heard a potential reason for the recent spike in ring prices and perhaps also Mysterious Powder prices. It turns out that breaking accessories at the accessory breaking anvil in Auch may result in Black Oxides. Exchanging 5 Black Oxides and 2 Mysterious Powders to the Precious Metal Merchant in Auch results in a Ring Box. So far, we've converted a bunch of relatively useless rings into 4 Black Oxides. This almost makes us regret selling all those rings during the past month.

We've also restocked our supply of Trinity 3s tonight. It was pretty hard to find as they were unavailable at the market but fortunately, another family was able to help us out. They've also helped us out with an inexpensive a +5 "Le Blanc for Elementalist" (28 DR) for 25 million. We'll probably have either our Vincent or Karjalain wear it.

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