Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pondering on the Arsene Ticket

So since we received our first Arsene Ticket yesterday, we've been pondering on what to create from it. As crafting the ticket requires 25 Mysterious Powders (approx 20 gold each) and 5 Amrita (50 gold each), each weapon costs a hefty sum of 750 gold. Assuming that the wiki page is accurate, our opinions for the following are as follows:
  • Le Emperador - We do have a need for a Sword as currently, best swords in our family are level 84 elites (no ARs and not upgraded). The only family member to take advantage of this would be Romina though but it might become her primary weapon.
  • El Ermitano - We don't have a great need for a Sabre as we already have an elite level 92 sabre and only our Captain Adelina is using it. However, it tickles our mind to think of how well Captain Adelina will perform with this particular sabre since it increases attack speed by 30%.
  • La Rueda de la Fortuna - We currently have no need for a main-gauche as we don't have any active Veteran users of it (only a level 100 Andre). Besides, we already have a level 100 Swordbreaker.
  • El Colgado - We currently have no need for a dagger. Maybe if we ever get Lisa to Veteran but that'll take awhile.
  • La Luna - We have absolutely no family members that can use such a high level Knuckle yet. We were also initially planning to craft elite level 92 knuckles (with Tetra Vindictive stones) but this trump weapon is tempting with its innate values if we ever get a martial artist to Veteran.
  • Suma Sacherdotisa - A faster Blunt is tempting but we already have an elite level 92 blunt.
  • Le Torre - We don't have many active Rapier users. Our Karjalain is currently using a level 100 rapier that suits her well.
  • La Justicia - A fast and powerful Great Sword is tempting but we don't have any characters slated to use it as their primary weapon. Besides, we were initially planning to craft elite level 92 great swords from the Joaquin Vindictive stones.
  • El Juicio -Now this Javelin is really tempting as we don't have any good javelins. We'll have to consult with others to determine the viability of this weapon (and the associated stance).
  • La Estrella - Same thoughts as La Luna as we have no one that can use high level Gaiters.
  • La Muerte - This Polearm is moderately tempting but we currently have an elite level 92 polearm.
  • La Temperanza - This Shield isn't tempting at all unless I read a good reason for it. We already have an elite level 92 shield.
Since there are people who are willing to trade for other color tickets, we also considered these other weapons:
  • La Fuerza - The Bayonet is really tempting as we have no good bayonets and they can be used like regular rifles. We wonder if the Flintlock stance is available for the bayonet.
  • La Emperatriz - Other than for the appearance, we wonder why one would choose the Rifle since the bayonet can be used like the Rifle.
  • El Diablo - Pistols are always welcomed but since we already have an elite 92 pistol (with speed and attack enchantments) and a veteran ancestral pistol, we don't have a great need for one.
  • El Carro - We don't have any high level cannon users yet.
  • El Loco - We already have an elite level 92 crossbow.
  • Los Enamorados - Although we already have a veteran ancestral shotgun, the appearance and attack values of the trump Shotgun is really tempting.
  • El Sol - This Lord of Elements bracelet only have AR 28 (maybe a total of 29 AR with the innate +1 AR). We wonder if this stance is useful since we haven't touched it in years.
  • El Sumo Sacherdote - If we started with the Green ticket, this would be really tempting as we don't have a good high level Lute and making an elite level 92 one would be really expensive due to the scarcity of the Mysterious Steel Piece.
  • El Mago - Assuming that this is a regular Staff and we didn't recently get the level 100 staff, this would be tempting too but not as much as the lute.
We noticed that there is a lack of magic weapons like the elemental bracelets and the rod. Fortunately, the veteran ancestral versions are there to fill the gap. When we check the markets tonight, we'll have to take a note at the price of Amrita and Mysterious Powders as we don't have enough Gold for both the WoD package and 5 Amrita without requesting another shipment of Gold.

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