Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Team Arena

Tonight, we visited the Team Arena for the first time. It can be reached in channel 1 of Queen's Gate. This mission required a minimum of 6 people and we managed to have wuwu of TheOne
join us such that we can start. The teams were (^Q^), Hootz, and WildChinoise versus Conella, wuwu, and us. Initially, we had no idea what was happening but as the minutes wound on, we figured parts of it out.

Apparently, the objective was to invade the other base and defeat their Dios. Each base is protected by creatures and there are upgrades that can be purchased via the Arena Coins that drop from defeated creatures. Hence, we went with an army of creatures to face the other base's creatures. Occasionally, we would meet the other team but we would be defeated as their levels and equipment were so much better. However, one of their members did manage to briefly breach our defenses before we and our automated defenses dispatched them. When they were dispatched, we picked up their Arena Coins and used it to upgrade our base creatures and to downgrade the other team's attack and defense abilities.

At the end, wuwu managed to successfully infiltrate and defeat the other team's Dios. Our team was then warped to a bunch of treasure chests and we got a level 100 enchantment chip out of one. Our other team members received a level 100 enchantment chip and 3 level 92 enchantment chips respectively.

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