Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tonight's circus raid

We spent a big portion of this afternoon attempting to get through the quest version of the Chateau de Bourgogne. With a borrowed metal armor and shield, our fighter was able to get through Prost, Celine, and Mario each time. Unfortunately, we were unable to defeat Louis as each time his health fell to half, he summons Prost and Mario and then does some sort of quick attack that defeats us immediately. After a few times of this (which takes a large amount of time), we gave up on the attempt as we have yet to figure out how to avoid or survive that one attack.

Fortunately, we did attend a Circus Raid tonight and we were able to see Louis defeated which gave us some satisfaction. Our reward was a "Le Blanc for Fighter", a DR 27 leather armor.


Amalielle said...

If you lure Arsene out of his room, when he summon the boss, they will stuck in the big room and not attacking you.

As long as arsene die, the mission is success, so you dont have to kill any of the minibosses

WW said...

I know, I had Arsene out in the hallway each time and it was he who casted that strange 2 hit spell. It looked like a normal attack with purple balls but did a whole lot more damage.