Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend activities

This past weekend was pretty tame. We missed the retaking of Tetra Hills by the Ceres clan as they did it within 10 minutes of the start of the event. We were running low of Mission Trinity 3s and as they were listed for outrageous prices on the market, we decided to gamble on Bellem Boxes.

We've done this once before when we opened and recorded the drops of a little more than 200 of them. However, as we were not planning to recorded their statistics, we brought them in the thousands. Starting with a seed capital of 10 million vis, we brought 1000 Bellem Boxes. We picked up all that dropped (unlike some other people) and sold all equipment pieces that were below level 80. Level 96 and 100 Enchantment Chips were placed on the market immediately and were sold rather quickly. One of them even sold within 10 seconds. Spinelles were place in the warehouse for a rainy day and our supply of Mission Lobbies started to regrow. We also gained a large number of keys such as the ones for the Barrow and for Assize but we'll hold on to them for potential future use. Everything else stayed in our inventory such that new additions may be stacked onto them. As of the end of last night, the seed capital had grown to nearly 200 million.

Bargains on the market that we noticed this weekend were a level 100 Elite Staff of Gnosis (AR 30) that was listed for 100,000 vis by Shinriki (probably). It was probably a pricing error as the typical price of such an item hovers around 100 million. That item was snatched up by someone else rather quickly so we were not able to verify the name of the family that listed it.

We also tracked the price of a Pendera Jacket Recipe (elite level 92 wizard coat armor) this past week and watched as the price went from 650 million down to 600 million and then to 550 million. When 2 of them were listed for 400 million each yesterday (by Xel'Orto ?), we spent most of our savings to purchase one. The other recipe was purchased by someone else minutes later. We were able to craft a Siren Scale (one of the components of the recipe) with our remaining 52 million (30 for the recipe, 10 for the Elemental Jewel, 12 to purchase 3 High Quality Emeralds from the market) but were unable to afford to Mega Etretanium and Mega Aidanium required to fully utilize the recipe.

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