Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nana Artozeia

Tonight, we finally found a Nana Artozeia costume that we could afford and therefore spent all our vis to purchase it (350 million). It was quite a hefty sum but we had been checking the market everything for it and was even considering gambling on the Port boxes for it too. It was the last costume that we were looking forward to and now that we have obtained it we can sleep in the barracks happily.
The reason why this costume has the nickname of "apron suit" became very obvious when viewed at different angles.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A quiet evening

Yesterday, we spent a quiet evening in Port Coimbra completing Trinity 3 missions. Port Coimbra was unusually quiet such that the market area was entirely devoid of people (except the shopkeepers) for as far as the eye can see. Switching channels, we encountered only 2 other families wandering about. Checking the market manager, we also noticed that there were fewer listing than usual, especially in the Costumes. The new elementalist costume must either be the most popular thing out there or no one is selling. Perhaps it was due to being Thursday.

Notable items from yesterday's Trinity 3 missions were elite level 52 armors (scale and coat) along with a Raging Wind ring (Gracielo's occupational skill). We also discovered that level 68 was the cut off point which a character will not gain the maximum benefit from the mission. Our short term goal at the moment has switched to getting everyone up to level 68 while the experience bonus is active.

We also discovered that we were made a Deputy of the clan.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekly news

We came back last night to take advantage of the 100% experience boost (in celebration of the 3rd anniversary) and the experience gain was quite noticeable. From less than 2 hours of Trinity 3s, our Alejandro went from level 55 all the way to 61 and hence, all our family members are now at least level 60. We also got a chance to admire the controversial new female elementalist costume that some have dubbed "the apron suit". It must be popular though as we did not see any for sale on the market. We'll try to get a good photo of it sometime.

We managed to locate and adventure with our clan leader in the other world (Lenaria). When we came back here, our clan has shrunk yet again. There are some interesting stories to tell from over there but as it doesn't relate to here, we won't write about it here.

We also shared some old world information with one of our former clan members last night. It was the first time we actually made contact like that and it was surprising on how we could have potentially be neighbors.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

News from the last few days

Tonight, we received 3 Strength Potions (event) from the Spring Maiden for participating in finding the clovers during the past month. At last count, we turned in clovers for 19 days and there was 1 day which we found it but neglected to turn in. Other than the daily hunt for clovers, there was nothing special during the week (no raids, no farming, no quests, etc).

Our clan has also shrunk a little. In fact, one person left sometime between last night and now but as we didn't keep track of the roster, we don't know who it was. We also have not seen our clan leader for almost a week. We may have tracked them down to Lenaria but our trail grew cold as we did not get a chance to ask about their identity over there. Nonetheless, we will continue the search over there for the near future as there doesn't seem like there's anything here to look forward to for at least awhile.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Veronica Qipao with Natural Wave

Earlier today, we managed to purchase the Veronica Qipao costume and the Natural Wave hairstyle off the market for about 180 million and 40 million respectively. As we think it's one of the more tantalizing looks out there, we took more than one photo.