Thursday, April 8, 2010

News from the last few days

Tonight, we received 3 Strength Potions (event) from the Spring Maiden for participating in finding the clovers during the past month. At last count, we turned in clovers for 19 days and there was 1 day which we found it but neglected to turn in. Other than the daily hunt for clovers, there was nothing special during the week (no raids, no farming, no quests, etc).

Our clan has also shrunk a little. In fact, one person left sometime between last night and now but as we didn't keep track of the roster, we don't know who it was. We also have not seen our clan leader for almost a week. We may have tracked them down to Lenaria but our trail grew cold as we did not get a chance to ask about their identity over there. Nonetheless, we will continue the search over there for the near future as there doesn't seem like there's anything here to look forward to for at least awhile.

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