Friday, April 16, 2010

A quiet evening

Yesterday, we spent a quiet evening in Port Coimbra completing Trinity 3 missions. Port Coimbra was unusually quiet such that the market area was entirely devoid of people (except the shopkeepers) for as far as the eye can see. Switching channels, we encountered only 2 other families wandering about. Checking the market manager, we also noticed that there were fewer listing than usual, especially in the Costumes. The new elementalist costume must either be the most popular thing out there or no one is selling. Perhaps it was due to being Thursday.

Notable items from yesterday's Trinity 3 missions were elite level 52 armors (scale and coat) along with a Raging Wind ring (Gracielo's occupational skill). We also discovered that level 68 was the cut off point which a character will not gain the maximum benefit from the mission. Our short term goal at the moment has switched to getting everyone up to level 68 while the experience bonus is active.

We also discovered that we were made a Deputy of the clan.

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