Thursday, May 20, 2010

State of the economy

We heard a commotion about the recent state of the economy and woke up to take a look at our local market. To our pleasant surprise, just about every object we tracked was cheaper than the last time we checked it almost exactly 3 months ago. Perhaps it is due to the Errac shop opening which results in Angler farming. In any case, we didn't see anything in particular that we wanted to buy at the market so we'll hold on to our purse strings and go to sleep again.

Estimated median prices:
Mysterious Powder: 6.8 million
Pure Otite: 15 million
Treasure Core: 590K
Upgrade Accelerator: 12 million
Enchant Booster: 8.5 million
Enchantment Chip Level 84: 1 million
Enchantment Chip Level 92: 6.5 million
Enchantment Chip Level 100: 34 million
Veteran Promotional Scroll: 115 million
Expert Promotional Scroll: 200 million

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