Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finally crafted the Elite Rescue Suit

Today, while relaxing at Skeleton Nest, we finally saw our clan leader come out of the barracks. After some catching up on what we've both missed while we were away, we obtained the remaining Mega Aidanium and Mega Etretanium we needed in order to craft the Elite Rescue Suit recipe that we brought a long time ago. We still had to spend some Gold at the bazaar to purchase Triumph Fillers as we were 5 short but now we have 1 more elite level 92 armor in our family.

To our pleasant surprise, we saw a recipe for a Elite Pendera Jacket for only 5 million vis but we decided to pass on that as we were lacking in materials to craft it.

We got attacked by the baron k0mbat of the Aeon clan while at Skeleton Nest but they were only able to knock out our wizard and stun our Fighter and Romina. We would have pursued them but as we were right in the middle of chatting with our clan leader, continuing the conversation was much more important. Unfortunately, we forgot that Romina had the ability to resuscitate so we wasted a warp scroll in order to get back.

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