Saturday, July 31, 2010

Impromptu Circus Raid

Right before logging out for the night last night, our Vincent joined a quick Circus Raid. One of the most memorable moments was when the scout had a near death experience. She had thought that she had been knocked out but was confused on how she got back up without the use of Soul Crystals. Apparently, when Vincent says "Ladies love this", he was right.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rosa Camille for Claire

This morning, we managed to purchase the Rosa Camille costume for Claire from the market. The notable thing was that we managed to purchase it at a bargain price of a mere 100,000 vis.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New costumes

The generated codes mentioned in the previous entry worked and we obtained the Red Bear body costume (as shown above) and the Cockatrice body costume (as shown below). We probably won't be having our girls wear these much as it makes them look pregnant. It would be a different story if we could obtain the headpiece to complete the outfits though.
Two new costumes were also released via the Andre's Wardrobe 2 boxes. They are the Rosa Camille costume for Claire and the Rosa Patricia costume for the elementalists. As expected, the Rosa Camille costume is being sold for hefty sums (500+ million vis) on the Bristia market while there is a report that the Rosa Patricia costume may be obtained for a mere 100 million vis. We haven't verified the report on the Rosa Patricia but we are internally debating on whether to buy the Andre Wardrobe 2 boxes and take our chances with them or to sell items in order to accumulate enough vis to buy the costumes on the market (if they are offered).
Shown above is the wolpertinger family that was proudly showing off their costumes.

Yet more giveaways

As we just read from Darkshia , there are 2 more giveaways:
Cockatrice Costume and a bunch of consumables
Red Bear Costume and a bunch of consumables

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another giveaway event

From MMOSite, but we haven't confirmed that the generated code gives what the page says since we're not in the position to leave the barracks for another 10 hours. The interesting part of the giveaway is the Musketeer swimsuit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Level Up Contest

There is level up contest being held. Details can be found here. The real world grand prize of a laptop looks tempting but I shudder at the thought of winning any of the others. The main reason for that is given in General #3 which talks about tax implications. It's fine for something that can be appraised in a relatively easy way such as the laptop but for digital items, I'm uncomfortable on how they came up with their approximate retail values.

For example, a tiger pet is appraised at $20 each. It probably cannot be traded and I still remember the time that I got the tiger pets at 400,000 fesos each. The amount of fesos I can get for $8 (assuming my 40% tax rate) is significantly more than 400,000. One can argue that tiger pets cannot be obtained in any other means now so I'll use the Premium Wing Coupons as an example. Their appraisal of it is 6 for $25 but I would think that if I spent $25 or even half that amount, I could get more than 6 Premium Wing Coupons.

I do like that the company puts in the note "Actual retail value of the Prize may vary."

Still, the laptop is tempting....

Edit: We just discovered that anyone who played during the beta period (June 2010) is automatically entered if they met the level requirement by the given date. There isn't a need to create a new account.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Partying in the Prison de Joaquin

Tonight, we were invited by our clan leader to play with the minions deep down in the Prison de Joaquin. Since it was such a long way down to the Torture Chamber from the prison entrance, we had our wizard Louise fly down there alone to see what was up. Once at the Torture Chamber, we lighted the columns on fire and Soul Mothtein appeared. Although he was only level 100 with 52 AR/DR, we weren't paying attention as we were busy looking for good angles to take pictures. Unexpectedly, our wizard was knocked out twice before we got the hang of it.
Afterwards, we switched teams headed down to the bridge and happened to pass by Geroro. Our musketeer grazed him with a bullet and there was chaos. In the chaos, our musketeer was knocked out and we had to spend quite some time looking for her as she was behind a box. Fortunately, we adapted quickly and defeated Geroro without any other issues.
The trick was to stay behind the range of his punches which affect a wide area of the ground.
As revenge, our musketeer unloaded quite a few bullets into Geroro via the Desperados skill.
Once Geroro was defeated, we headed into the Corridor of Assize and encountered the Chrysalis. As we have never met him before and still smarting from Soul Mothtein, we were initially cautious. Eventually, we noticed that the Chrysalis couldn't even scratch us so we quickly defeated it.
His creator Dr Fran Mothein was none too happy and attacked us. After some chaos with his Chevalier Guardians, we were able to figure out his pattern of attack and defeated him.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seal of Pioneer 9

Last night, we were informed on why our Seal of Pioneer 9s were selling like hotcakes on the market. We had known that they had become popular lately especially since one of the anonymous buyers on the market tracked us down to buy a few more and at prices above what we had previously listed. We collect a bunch of the seals as byproducts from hunting spiders in the Bahamar Wetlands and equated them to the Pure A/E/I minerals that commonly dropped. Apparently, these materials are used to craft gates and keys to instance raids.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


From MMOSite, it seems that redeeming the code StayAnonymous results in a free Le Blanc costume. In addition, as it is MMOSite's 5th anniversary, redeeming 100 of their coins for codes results in gifts of 10 Health Regen Potion (event) and 10 Soul Regen Potion (event). After redeeming each code, one must select Receive Premium Item in order for the items to be transferred to the inventory.

Silver Rosario

This afternoon, we hunted for Refined Otite in the Land of the Dead for almost 3 hours with the Littrel family. Our family collected exactly 30 Pure Otite during that time and we crafted the Silver Rosario with it. This scout weapon is unfortunately not visible so we didn't take any photos of it. It does have the innate ability of adding 500 health per heal and we enchanted it to give 12% SP.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Le Dignitaire for Wizard

We used to see people attempting to sell this costume on the market for large sums of vis. The colors match her hair well.

Le Dignitaire for Scout

Haven't had time to examine these costumes in detail as they contain so much detail.

Le Dignitaire for Musketeer

We haven't had time to examine this outfit in detail but her shoes are quite cute.

Le Dignitaire for Fighter

One thing we noticed about this costume compared with what she was wearing before (red samurai) was that her upper assets are boosted. This outfit gives incredible support.

Le Dignitaire for Elementalist

Tonight, we brought the Le Dignitaire for Elementalist costume for 300,000 fesos from the feso merchant. As collecting costumes is one of our main enjoyments of this world, when we heard that they could be brought for cheaper than to craft, we requested Gold from the old world and got instant approval.