Friday, July 23, 2010

Level Up Contest

There is level up contest being held. Details can be found here. The real world grand prize of a laptop looks tempting but I shudder at the thought of winning any of the others. The main reason for that is given in General #3 which talks about tax implications. It's fine for something that can be appraised in a relatively easy way such as the laptop but for digital items, I'm uncomfortable on how they came up with their approximate retail values.

For example, a tiger pet is appraised at $20 each. It probably cannot be traded and I still remember the time that I got the tiger pets at 400,000 fesos each. The amount of fesos I can get for $8 (assuming my 40% tax rate) is significantly more than 400,000. One can argue that tiger pets cannot be obtained in any other means now so I'll use the Premium Wing Coupons as an example. Their appraisal of it is 6 for $25 but I would think that if I spent $25 or even half that amount, I could get more than 6 Premium Wing Coupons.

I do like that the company puts in the note "Actual retail value of the Prize may vary."

Still, the laptop is tempting....

Edit: We just discovered that anyone who played during the beta period (June 2010) is automatically entered if they met the level requirement by the given date. There isn't a need to create a new account.

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