Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New costumes

The generated codes mentioned in the previous entry worked and we obtained the Red Bear body costume (as shown above) and the Cockatrice body costume (as shown below). We probably won't be having our girls wear these much as it makes them look pregnant. It would be a different story if we could obtain the headpiece to complete the outfits though.
Two new costumes were also released via the Andre's Wardrobe 2 boxes. They are the Rosa Camille costume for Claire and the Rosa Patricia costume for the elementalists. As expected, the Rosa Camille costume is being sold for hefty sums (500+ million vis) on the Bristia market while there is a report that the Rosa Patricia costume may be obtained for a mere 100 million vis. We haven't verified the report on the Rosa Patricia but we are internally debating on whether to buy the Andre Wardrobe 2 boxes and take our chances with them or to sell items in order to accumulate enough vis to buy the costumes on the market (if they are offered).
Shown above is the wolpertinger family that was proudly showing off their costumes.

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