Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Partying in the Prison de Joaquin

Tonight, we were invited by our clan leader to play with the minions deep down in the Prison de Joaquin. Since it was such a long way down to the Torture Chamber from the prison entrance, we had our wizard Louise fly down there alone to see what was up. Once at the Torture Chamber, we lighted the columns on fire and Soul Mothtein appeared. Although he was only level 100 with 52 AR/DR, we weren't paying attention as we were busy looking for good angles to take pictures. Unexpectedly, our wizard was knocked out twice before we got the hang of it.
Afterwards, we switched teams headed down to the bridge and happened to pass by Geroro. Our musketeer grazed him with a bullet and there was chaos. In the chaos, our musketeer was knocked out and we had to spend quite some time looking for her as she was behind a box. Fortunately, we adapted quickly and defeated Geroro without any other issues.
The trick was to stay behind the range of his punches which affect a wide area of the ground.
As revenge, our musketeer unloaded quite a few bullets into Geroro via the Desperados skill.
Once Geroro was defeated, we headed into the Corridor of Assize and encountered the Chrysalis. As we have never met him before and still smarting from Soul Mothtein, we were initially cautious. Eventually, we noticed that the Chrysalis couldn't even scratch us so we quickly defeated it.
His creator Dr Fran Mothein was none too happy and attacked us. After some chaos with his Chevalier Guardians, we were able to figure out his pattern of attack and defeated him.

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