Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seal of Pioneer 9

Last night, we were informed on why our Seal of Pioneer 9s were selling like hotcakes on the market. We had known that they had become popular lately especially since one of the anonymous buyers on the market tracked us down to buy a few more and at prices above what we had previously listed. We collect a bunch of the seals as byproducts from hunting spiders in the Bahamar Wetlands and equated them to the Pure A/E/I minerals that commonly dropped. Apparently, these materials are used to craft gates and keys to instance raids.


grey said...

NO!!! this was suppose to be a secret!
now everyone knows, and is gonna start farming them, and selling them in MM.

Did you know it used to sell for 10m a piece 3 months ago? -.-

WW said...

Bahamar is pretty empty every time I went compared to a few months ago when I can see lots of people AFK there. I've never seen it being sold that high on Bristia but I haven't checked on it everyday. I don't think I've ever sold one for more than 1.5 million and I usually kept it to 1 million. Of course, now that I know, I'll have to either raise the price or keep them for people. :P