Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 14

Leve 90 H Experience Card x 6 = At 920k experience each, these are actual quite useful.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Tonight, we received the Deinclian costume for the wizard as a reward for purchasing a Premium Treasure Chest. Purple seems to match her well.
We didn't notice that her hair was overlapping with the collar until we were processing the picture. We probably didn't miss any important features though.
The purple of the outfit also matched her sunglasses.

Day 13

Karjalain Box x5 - We haven't even opened or sold the first set yet.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glow from the Elite Candlestick

As a bonus from the previous entries, we also snapped a photo of a weapon belonging to someone other than our clan mate. Shown above is the Elite Candlestick, one of the elite level 92 baron weapons. It's different than we expected as most of the other elite level 92 weapons have either a blue or white glow.

Glows from melee weapons

First, we have the Pandermania, a dagger from the Fire Gate. It is expected to have a low attack that is compensated for by a set fire damage. The glow from the fire is quite apparent with this series of weapons.
Next we have the Elite Scythe, one of the elite level 92 baron weapons. Somehow we expected it to look different. Perhaps we are confusing it with some other scythe that glows.
The Elite Chevalier Crusader is shown above. A light travels down the length of the blade.
The daemon series of weapons seem to have a similar dark red glow. Here we have the Daemon Sword.
And this is the Daemon Slayer.

Glows from ranged weapons

Here we have the Elite Iron Pistol (level 92) that is crafted in Los Toldos. It has the usual glow of black feathers that we expect from the elite level 92 pistols.
Above is the Elite Beam Gun, also crated in Los Toldos. As this one requires the Porto Bello Vindictive stone, we'd rather not craft this ourselves and therefore reserve the stone for the sabre.
This is the Desert Storm. It used to be a popular pistol. Red sparkles fly in every direction.
Finally, we have the Black Dragon which seems to smoke and emit chunky yellow puffs.

Glows from magic weapons

This afternoon, we discovered that a clan mate of ours was not able to see the glows from the various weapons in their possession. So we had a session where we look pictures of their various weapons to show them our point of view. First up was the Grim Stick. It sparkles with various colors.
Next was the infamous Elite Staff of Gnosis with the nude figures on the tip. It has the same type of glow as the previous item.
It looks like we failed to capture the electricity swirling around the bracelet of Ziz.
The bracelet of Leviathon actually emits snowflakes and is in the shape of a snake wrapped around the wrist.
The bracelet of Behemoth glowed the brightest with its flame.

Day 12

Warp Scroll Coupon x2 - We can exchange this for warp scrolls to either a dungeon or a town. We chose "village" and then Reb to receive 15 Reb Return scrolls. For the 2nd coupon, we chose Coimbra and received 15 Coimbra Return scrolls.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elite Dragon Coat

The other recipe we crafted today was the Elite Dragon Coat. We had our musketeer wear this and transferred her Striform to Brunie. It's unfortunate that the Elite Dragon Coat does not have the 15% attack speed bonus of the Elite Striform so our musketeer is now a little slower.
This is quite an evil looking armor with all the spikes and the color scheme. Upon closer inspection, there are spikes on just about every edge.

Elite Bone Frame Armor

Today, we read on the forum that the next patch might change the way elite level 92 equipment are crafted. Instead of the current way, it will require the use of crystals such as the robe armor crystals that we've been getting. Slightly alarmed by the uncertainty of obtaining the correct armor crystals, we decided to craft 2 of our elite level 92 armor recipes. The first was the Elite Bone Frame Armor. This is a leather armor which we've assigned to our Adelina (the Pirate) but had our fighter model for picture purposes. It has a slightly evil appearance with all the bones and the dark coloring.

Day 11

Boost Potion x5 - Still haven't used any of these yet. Wonder if they can be sold.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mabro Peira

Finally, we come to our favorite costume of the latest series of costumes. We were sorely tempted to purchase this ourselves or to gamble for it but fortunately, the Calderini family's female wizard was able to model it for us. We knew this one was special when someone on the forum remarked that their wizard was able to be the goldfish she had wanted to be. Indeed, this costume reminded us of one of our late goldfishes.
We were quite surprised when the back of the costume was revealed. We certainly didn't expect the back to plunge so low.
So we took a closer look and noticed the face between her shoulder blades.
The side view shoes how the bottom of the dress flares out.

Blaue Spiel

There were suggestions that we get this costume for our Vincent and we were quite tempted to buy it off the market if it wasn't so expensive. Fortunately, the Calderini family's Vincent was able to model it for us and we were able to take a closer look at it. This torso region is actually quite shiny and seemed to shimmer with various colors.

Slender Peaco

From our conversation with the Calderini family, we had the impression that the Slender Peaco costume were one of their favorite costumes. We couldn't get a good look of it when it was first displayed in the forums but on closer inspection, this costume is actually quite interesting.
There are actually 2 large peacock feathers on the coat tails of the costume.
The sleeves also has an interesting intricate design.

Sir Lyndon's Coat

Tonight, we met the Calderini family. We had a nice conversation about costumes and their family offered to model some of the latest fashion for us. Going in reverse order, we have Sir Lyndon's Coat. This is actually quite an old costume but we never actually tried to acquire it, much less have a male musketeer model it for us so we've included it here.

Random photos

Other than the usual grind in the Forgotten Area (which expires in a few hours for us), we had some interesting activities in the past few nights. In one instance, we ganged up on a few bog anglers and made it drop a few bracelets.
We were hoping for a different angler of course but still, it was something out of the ordinary.
Our musketeer, Iris, also attempted to defeat the Arsene Circus by herself a few times. On the first try, she was defeated by Frost but afterward, she was able to get up to Louis Arsene. Unfortunately, she was unable to defeat him as every time his health was low, he used some sort of powerful attack that was capable of a one hit knockout.

Day 10

Robe Armor Crystal Lv 26 x 2 - Since we got this before, this is pretty useless.


Tonight, we opened all 5 Glasses boxes that we obtained the other day from the Premium Chest. Of the 5 glasses that fell out, only 2 were usage by our family (1 was a duplicate and 2 were for males). Shown above are the generic Glasses for the female scout. Wearing glasses certainly does make her look more intelligent but alas, it's only a decoration.
The other set of usable glasses that appeared was Andre's D+G Sunglasses for the female wizard. It's quite shiny in that it reflects light so we could barely see her eyes while she is wearing them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 9

Upgrade Accelerator x2 - These are always useful but 2 seems a bit measly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 8

Quarter Slot Permit 1 - So underwhelming.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 7

Eyeglass Box 5 - We're definitely interested in using some of these as we've never had eyeglasses before.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 6

15 Level 84 Enchantment Chips - Eh... I suppose I could sell these..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 5

5 Karjalain Boxes - We're tempted to open these to see what UPC headgear we can potentially get. However, we'll check the market first to see how much each box sells for.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrity sightings

We had a celebrity sighting today. It was kaelos (aka Hardeh on the forums), the family who possesses the first and only Sorceress Emilia (aka Reckless Emilia) of all the 3 servers. It's only been 2 days but that family has already promoted her to Master status.
We also had the rare sighting of the infamous DalVantiez family today even though that family appears to have been quiet for months.

Day 4

Robe Armor Crystal Lv 26 x 2 - Hmm... we're not sure how useful these are as we could have created them by destroying a few of my many elite level 84 robes.

Team Arena

Last night, the active members of our clan participated in Team Arena with the InstantNoodle clan.
This was our second time in Team Arena but we felt that we were actually useful compared to the first time as there were joint operations in taking down the Gates and the stream of creatures.
Eventually, we all made it to the other team's Dios and from the treasure chest, we obtained 8 Level 90 H experience cards. Each of these cards gave 920,000 experience each and we used it to promote our Brunie to Veteran. While we were at it, we also promoted our Emilia to Veteran too and had her use the Silver Rosario such that she can train on the Bard stance.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 3

5 Boost Potions - Not exactly sure what these do yet. We have 14 of these total and have yet to use a single one. Estimated value at most of 50 gold.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

PTC Day 2

Day 2 of the Premium Treasure Chest got us the Symbol of Sagittarius. So far, only the Equities expert stance seem to require it so we'll keep it in case our Romina ever gets promoted to Expert.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Premium Treasure Chest

Day 1 - 5 Soul Crystals

Tonight, we decided to give the Premium Treasure Chest a try as there is a promotion going on. The item of our first day was pretty lackluster but hopefully we'll get something good in the next 29 tries.

Citdel of the Gods Passes

Tonight, while checking on the remaining time of our explorer pack, we noticed 2 hot pink Citadel of the Gods Passes. We wondered what they were for as we didn't recall reading about it on the forums but someone said that it was to make up for the DNS issues last week. As these passes are for high level areas, it'll be a long time before we will use them, if ever.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frozen Swordfish

Finally, the Slania family showed us how the new Frozen Swordfish (30AR) javelin looked like. Note that there are snowflakes coming out of the swordfish's nose.
Here, the Frozen Swordfish is paired with the Elite Castor Wing.

Arcanero Plate Costume for Fighters

The Slania family also modeled the Arcanero Plate costume for us. Of note are the scattered spade symbols and the heart symbols.

It has such a high collar.