Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo session with Elite Le Noir and Fleudelis

Tonight, we were fortunate enough to have a photo session with a wizard that was wearing a +6 Elite Le Noir with +3 DR. As the Elite Le Noir itself has a base of 32 DR, this meant that her particular armor gave her 37DR. It was enough to allow her to venture by herself in the lands around El Dorado.
This is a pretty rare outfit and we've never managed to see it up close until tonight.

We also managed to snap some photos of the Fleudelis tonight. It is a level 100 2-handed sword. Although the photo doesn't show it well, it is semi transparent and quite beautiful. We don't think we've ever seen anyone use it though.

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Wurmheart said...


you prob won't ever see anyone use a gate greatsword as even the 30 ar deamon swords do more dmg :(