Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend activities

This past weekend was mostly spent in the Prison de Joaquin, Laboratory Block (Forgotten Area) as we tried out the Veteran Explorer Pack for the first time mid last week. From 9AM in the morning through midnight of each day, we were training several characters to try to get them closer to level 80 such that they can use the next set of Pioneer equipment. In particular, Brunie went from around level 74 to level 87. We may try to get her to promoted to Veteran sometime such that we would have 2 family members with the Outrage stance.

Yesterday, we also attempted to help our squad with the Barrow de la Muerte. Unfortunately, the party member with the keys selected the advanced option and entered the instanced version of raid by mistake. After they were done (without getting the desired ring), we had to wait on the party member we were planning to help (who was not the keyholder) and killed some time by hunting Boneless. Unfortunately, the party member was away for too long so our squad separated.

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