Monday, September 27, 2010

Interesting Team Arena (but was it in a good way?)

Last night's Team Arena was interesting but we're not sure if it's interesting in a good way.  Usually, we would attend Team Arena with a set group of people.  There are some rotations but the pool of people has been pretty consistent.  However, it was different last night because the family I was helping earlier in the evening happened to be in the squad and wanted to join us.

So the event started well enough and now there is one extra family to supply Arena Coins to.  We did manage to traverse the map to hunt down the Giant Komodos in search of coins.  The issues really only started when it came time to defeat the other team's Dios.  Although we did warn the new family several times, got them to put away their pet, and made it clear that they were not to pick up the items that fell upon the defeat of Dios, they apparently ignored it and picked up a great majority of the items.

Fortunately, they did return almost all of the items with the possible exception of one ring.  We couldn't really confirm what was returned as we were not the recipient but the most important item, the Symbol of Aquarius, was apparently returned which defused the tension.  In the end, the new family was able to get the Carbon Gaiters that they were quite eager to keep for their Gracielo.

On an unrelated topic, we did manage to get a front row seat on a stance demonstration yesterday.  There are many pictures to process so it may be awhile before we make an entry about it.

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