Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sharffenberger Swashbuckle Event

Sharffenberger the Cursed
Trying to find the AM
Tonight, we managed to catch one of the last iterations of the Sharffenberger Swashbuckle Event.  After defeating the first Sharffenberger, a 2nd Sharffenberger appeared and it went down quickly.  It was all fine and good and we managed to take a few photos of the gathering.  It was when G1-Fynlo said to contact him for the reward that the nightmare started.  The lag suddenly became terrible and we were unable to find him to trade with him for the reward.  Someone also lured Decarabia out of his cave which got us knocked out.

As a result, the only thing we got out of this event were a few pictures and some bad feelings.

We also left our clan tonight and shall remain without a clan for the next 7 days.

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