Saturday, September 4, 2010

Team Arena results for 9/4

Tonight's Team Arena was a challenge as the other team had put up quite a fight. After losing to them a few times (and losing our Arena coins in the process), we resorted to giving the coins to the better equipped families such that they can reach their maximum buff enchantments quickly.

During the fight, we obtained a green rough stone and a blue rough stone. We later refined these to an Apatite and a Zircon. Putting in one more jewel, we refined the 3 into a Good Quality Apatite.

After we achieved victory, we obtained 2 level 96 enchantment chips from the chest. The final rewards were divided by the fireworks method (which generates a random number) and we received 4 level 92 enchantment chips and a High Quality Emerald from it.

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