Friday, September 3, 2010

Uraeus Mission (Uranus ?)

Tonight, we attended Mission: Uraeus for the very first time. Conella made the Uranus Scale and Bagram was the tour guide. We initially had some issues getting to the proper side of the Bahamar Underground but managed to do it by visiting the Bahamar Murky Bayou. There, we were told not to attack the Uraeus Minions that appear from the eggs as they emit some sort of poison that lowers AR/DR and Def.
It was obviously not an easy fight and all we could do was watch as Bagram defeated Uraeus at least three times. The only survivor of our team was Louise and that was because she was levitating and drinking SP potions.
We left quite a trail of Minions behind us.

Unfortunately, the rewards were relatively poor. In fact, we heard that it was the worst imaginable as only 2 Mega Talts came from the 2 Reward Chests. Uraeus itself dropped a Bracelet of the Great Soul, Rosa Matrimonio, and a recipe for the Elite Pendera Jacket.

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