Sunday, September 26, 2010

A wrinked eyebrow

Tonight, while we were helping a random new family with the Mysterious Alter quest in Skeleton Nest, we were attacked by the cowardly jabbawwakies family of the FALCON clan.  We say that they are cowardly because we watched them circle around us for quite a while before their wizard casted Invisible such that they could sneak into the center of our squad and then turn on their baron mode.  At least the other families who go baron have the decency to be baron before attacking.  As jabbawwakies is the clan leader of FALCON, this gives us a very negative opinion of their entire clan and reinforces the negative statements that we have heard about their members.

As we "saw" their attack coming when they went invisible, we hold no grudges against them and instead pity them for resorting to such tactics.

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