Saturday, October 30, 2010

Test of damage

This morning, a fellow clan member of ours wanted to test something involving his Nar's defensive capabilities.  As we were the only ones awake at the time, we volunteered our expert Romina to go.  With the Trump sword, our Romina was only able to inflect 21 damage per strike and 43 per critical.  We think we disappointed him with our baby hits but as he didn't later ask anyone else to do it, perhaps the test was successful.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Female Zombies in Port Coimbra

Oh look, something shiny on the ground!

Grace is so tasty, everyone just wants a bite of her.

Guess the leader of the train got a little shy.
As Auch was so crowded with people and Muertos, we left for Port Coimbra and found it completely empty except for a few Muertos Fighters straggling about.  We thought about leading it to the cafe but since they walked so slowly, we became impatient.

Female Zombies in Auch

G1-Fynlo, the cause of the zombie outbreak.

A pair of Muertos Elementalist and a Muertos Musketeer

A pair of Muertos Fighters

We noticed that there was some sort of red symbol on her back.

That tilted head makes her all the creepier.

Tonight, we noticed an invasion of female Muertos in the City of Auch.  There were Muertos Elementalist, Fighters, Musketeers, and Wizards.  There didn't seem to be a particular reason why the males were missing but since these Muertos were all level 1, the most harm they could do is to other level 1 characters.  Summoned creatures were ineffective against them.

Buying based on a speculation

Tonight, we heard of a speculation/tip from a fellow clan member about enchantment stats.  They had wanted to purchase a 30 million vis pistol from the market that had a high dinosaur attack bonus.  However, as they did not have the liquid assets at the time, they did not make the purchase.  Checking the market later, we found the pistol being relisted at 25 million vis so we took the chance and purchased it.  The current statistics on the pistol are:
  • Desert Storm (30AR with an innnate +10 ACC)
  • Critical +11
  • 4% chance to Fear
  • 40% Attack bonus against Daemons
  • 95% Attack bonus against Dinosaurs
If the speculation is correct, at least one of these statistics will change on the next update.  If the speculation is incorrect, then at least we have a pistol against Daemons.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Very first Expert

This morning, Romina was promoted to be our family's very first Expert.  It was a very long training process and we don't know when or if any other members of our family will be promoted.  Still, it is a milestone and one for the records.

While checking the prices on the market, we noticed that a Great Stone averages around 5 million vis while a Expert Promotional Scroll was exactly 60 million.  Since a Great Stone costs at most of 100 Gold and a Expert Promotional Scroll costs at most of 400 Gold, either the Great Stone is still extraordinarily cheap or the scrolls are still expensive.  We didn't check the prices of other items to determine which is true but we're guessing the former.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend progress

Our Romina reached Veteran level 10 sometime in the early morning hours before our connection was disconnected.  This meant that a second type of Mudmen (our of 4) became brown to us.  We can visibly see the experience gain being cut to one third of the original value when defeating the brown Mudmen types.  Still, the possibility of having our very first Expert is within reach so that excites us.

None of our other Veteran family members have gained or is close to gaining a level this weekend despite the time they've spent in the Skeleton Ancient Area.  In fact, a lag spike actually wiped out our Grace and elementalist, leaving our scout all alone.  Continued lag affected our Grace's firing speed which made it hard to survive.  Hence, we switched our lineup to an all melee team.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Grim-wraith, a 1 hand sword
Tonight, we received the Grim-wraith, 1 High Quality Ruby, and 3 Level 92 Enchantment chips as a reward for participating in one of the quickest Team Arenas ever.  As we've never that this particular type of sword before nor have we seen any up close, we decided to write this entry about it.  Unfortunately, the weapon had no enchantments and we doubt that we will be spending any enchantment chips on it since we already have a Unique Trump 1 hand sword.

Last evening through today was frustrating due to 4 disconnects.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another free Witch Hat?

From MMOSite
The hat gives +300 to the maximum health points for 30 days when equipped on a basic female character.  We originally thought it was the WillUSurvive giveaway but apparently it's just the hat this time and requires a generated key.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

AA and the grind

Our Romina has been training in the skeleton AA for the past week and today, we noticed that Mudman Defender (level 102) appears brown.  As Romina had just turned Veteran level 9 (level 108), we guess that the range for the yellow name is 5 levels.  Hence, if Romina gets to Veteran level 10, then the Mudman Soldier (level 103) will also turn brown.  Perhaps we'll have another character train there and use Romina in some other place later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Elementalist's "provoke"

Recently, we saw a comic strip on the forums about how an Elementalist's feminine charm attracted more attention than a Fighter's Provoke.  Although we didn't use a fighter in this instance, it was still pretty amusing to see all the Mudman creatures exclusively hitting on her while ignoring Grace who is doing the work of shooting them down one by one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Andre's Portmanteau III

Tonight, we decided to open the Portmanteau boxes that we received awhile ago.
  1. Layered Bob
  2. Layered Bob - We now have 4 of these.  We'll save these in hopes that they may sell in a few months
  3. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x3
  4. Angler Spinelle
  5. Blackness Rose costume - Maybe we'll make a male wizard to try this out
  6. Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  7. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x3
  8. Earth Stone x2
  9. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x3
  10. Level 90H Experience Card x3 (920k each)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some hairs and a ring

Highlights of today included:
  1. Purchasing the Fairy Bob hairstyle for the female elementalist from the market for 45 million vis.  It seems pricey but that's the lowest price we've seen on the market for it.
  2. Purchasing 2 Layered Bob hairstyles for the female scout for 1000 vis each.  Although we already have our scout wearing the Layered Bob and the price of the Layered Bob has dropped because of the Andre 3 boxes that were injected recently, it's still too good to pass up costumes that are a mere 1000 vis each.
  3. Elemental Penetration ring from tonight's Team Arena.  Having the ring means that our elementalist can have +1 AR when the skill is active.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reckless news

This may possibly be the last Reckless Emilia that we will encounter in awhile due to all the Reckless Emilia characters becoming sane again.  Well actually, they are being converted to Emilia the Sage as indicated by the forums.  Apparently, Reckless Emilia had the ability to somehow create infinite vis.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Since we brought an outfit for the Coimbra Trooper, we may as well get the Kalid costume for Jose.  This completes the list of costumes that we wanted to get for our family.  The remaining costumes that we are pondering on are the ones for Yegenah and Angie, neither of which we've recruited.

Coimbra Centurion

With the Coimbra Centurion costume for the Coimbra Trooper, our Soldier Spirits team is now fully decorated.

Regiment Uniform

Next up on our list of just acquired desired costumes is the Regiment Uniform for the Auch Infantry.  The new uniform at least distinguishes our Auch Infantry from all the other Auch Infantries hanging about Auch.

Von Trapp costume

Tonight, we discovered that all the permanent costumes will be removed from the bazaar.  Therefore, we brought some of our desired costumes before they become hard or impossible to get.  We were unable to get all the remaining costumes on the bazaar nor do we want to as we don't have all of the characters to wear them.

First up is the Von Trapp costume (body and hat).  We're not sure what the appeal of this costume is but just about all the combat oriented Catherine characters that we've encountered was wearing one.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cineraria costume

The other night, we managed to get a closer look at the Cineraria costume.  It was difficult to take pictures of it as the Emilia wearing it was in the mist of battle.

Iris Chipao

Iris Chipao - Front view

Iris Chipao - Back view
Last night, we managed to purchase the Iris Chipao costume from the market for 50 million vis.  We think the seller was FableLienhart as their family still has about 5 of those listed for the same price.