Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buying based on a speculation

Tonight, we heard of a speculation/tip from a fellow clan member about enchantment stats.  They had wanted to purchase a 30 million vis pistol from the market that had a high dinosaur attack bonus.  However, as they did not have the liquid assets at the time, they did not make the purchase.  Checking the market later, we found the pistol being relisted at 25 million vis so we took the chance and purchased it.  The current statistics on the pistol are:
  • Desert Storm (30AR with an innnate +10 ACC)
  • Critical +11
  • 4% chance to Fear
  • 40% Attack bonus against Daemons
  • 95% Attack bonus against Dinosaurs
If the speculation is correct, at least one of these statistics will change on the next update.  If the speculation is incorrect, then at least we have a pistol against Daemons.

1 comment:

Deslicer said...

The dinosaur mod will turn into a living race mod, which will help against wild beast, dino, & insect. btw thx for buying my pistol :D