Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Testing our mettle

Today, we tested the mettle of our experts against the battles that used to defeat us instantly.  Specifically, the mission involving Arsene (Ania's quest) and the Seal of Novia mission (Garcia's quest).  For the Seal of Novia mission, we were surprised to discover that we could survive the initial AOE spell strike but the 3 guardians still managed to defeat us in under 10 seconds. For the Arsene mission, we also survived his initial strike and most of his spells too.  Unfortunately, it took 14 minutes (out of the 30 minute limit) just to bring his health down to 75% and the duo team of Frost and Arsene managed to defeat us easily after that.  Since it took so long to bring Arsene's health down by so little, we predict that we will run out of time even if do manage to survive.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poor again

This evening, we spent a large sum on vis to purchase an expensive Elite Dragon Coat for our Grace.  We had considered purchasing such an armor before but the general advice (from the active clan members) seemed to be to upgrade it and enchant it ourselves.  However, due to our average luck in upgrading and poor luck in using enchantment chips (never got AR/DR while using level 84 and level 92 chips), we were pretty much against gambling.  Hence, when we saw that the equivalent armor had dropped in price this week, we debated a little before making the purchase.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Really really hating Kings23 of the Aurora clan for their cowardly actions.  Our Grace is almost deleveled back to Veteran because of them.  We're really tempted to hire our hitman to take them out but they're not worth wasting vis on since vis is so precious nowdays.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Excrement Lumps to Gold Corn to Items

Tonight, we exchange the Gold Corn we've accumulated for  items in New Opoluto.  We received:
  • Handmade Chocolate 3x5 (+1000 HP) (pack of 3, received 5 times)
  • Level 90 F experience card 3x2
  • Amber Wasp Spinelle x2
  • Invisible Potion x2
  • Escudo Preffer Amber x1
  • Level 96 Enchantment Chip 2x1
  • Mooncake 2x1 (+1500 HP +500 SP)
  • Elite Storm Cockatrice Spinelle x1
  • Angler Spinelle x1
  • High Quality Ruby x2
  • Lucky Pouch 2x3 (+20% exp)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chip 2x3
  • Spearfish 10x1
As we didn't farm the Excrement Lump ourselves, we plan to share some of the exchanged items with the family that gave the lumps to us.  There's actually a method to farming the Gold Corn from the Excrement Lumps and it doesn't involve rapidly checking the corn stalks for ripe corn.  Instead, there is a time interval of about 20 seconds per harvest over the entire field.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Accident in Skeleton Dungeon

While training Claire in the Skeleton Dungeon  (channel 3) this evening, we got bored and started using up some of our Mystic Spinelles.  The creatures that appeared were all easy until that came out.  It was a level 120 Elite Vedanobah (not entirely sure on the spelling but it started with a "V").  We weren't exactly sure what it was but in the darkness of the Skeleton Nest, it appeared to be a little hunchback man with a knife that was easily knocked down.  It mixed in with the hordes of skeleton warriors and lancers.  To our surprise and before we noticed it's level, it knocked out our expert Grace in seconds and defeated Emilia and Claire so quickly that Emilia was left standing confused.

As we didn't like to leave our messes for others to step on, we went back with our Fighter, expert Romina, and Emilia to take care of it.  It was a pain with the target being easily knocked down and our team being surrounded by skeletons.  We finally managed to drive it into a corner with about half of their health when to our surprise, we lost contact and was unable to reestablish contact for half an hour.  Obviously, our team with our strongest melee characters were defeated.

To that family standing within viewing distance, training their characters, we'd have to say "oops, sorry" if our summon caused them trouble.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fourth Expert

All that's left is the wizard.
Using the Veteran experience cards from last night, we pushed our Grace to be promoted to Expert.  Grace had trained along with all the other members who were recently promoted and we brought a single Expert Promotion scroll just for her (instead of the 3 pack).  As no other characters in our family are even halfway from Veteran to Expert, it will be a long time, if ever, that we will see another promotion.

Idge's Chest II & the Crystal Shooter

We noticed that we have 3 Idge's Chest II in our inventory (from a promotion) and after a debate on whether to sell them or open them, we decided to satisfy our curiosity by opening them.  Inside, we found:
  1. Upgrade Accelerator x 10
  2. Crystal Shooter - A level 92 rifle.  Pictures below.
  3. Veteran G Experience Card x 5 - They give 14 million experience points each. (Exactly 10% of a veteran level).  We'll have our Grace use these later.
The Crystal Shooter matches Grace's gloves quite well.
We wonder how useful these initial enchantments are.  Perhaps we'll meet some Golems later to test it out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On hold but for how long?

We visited Errac Terra Dias the other day to see how well or poorly our first team of Experts would do.  The results were not pretty as we were unable to take down even a lone target.  Just having one other target notice us was enough to defeat our team.  As getting the expert stances require farming this map for rare Ancient Runes and then getting a good squad to survive the even tougher creatures within the Occult dungeon, the situation looked pretty hopeless.  It's sort of funny how we have the symbols and the great stones but not the quest.

So combined with a few other issues (one of which is major and relatively personal), we decided to lock the quarters for the time being.  Of course, before doing so, we notified our clan first so that we didn't just suddenly disappear on them.  Perhaps if and when we journey into the world again, we can meet up with the clan leader of our previous clan who have also disappeared recently with no clear time for coming back.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Picture of the day

Whatever could Ghostleaf and we be doing?
Answer: Fleeing from a King of Greed when we got defeated in Team Arena.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First team of Experts completed

Tonight, we promoted our elementalist Eloise to be the third Expert in our family.  As such, our first team of Experts (melee/scout/dp) is complete.

Our second Expert promotion

This evening, we promoted our scout Florence to Expert.  So now we have a melee character and a scout as Experts and to complete our very first team, we would need to promote a damage dealer too.  For the stat points, we moved the previously assigned points from Intelligence to Constitution and also applied the new points to Constitution.  Hence, our scout now has 70 points in Constitution and should be more resistance to knock downs and may be able to survive well in tough areas.

As for general healing, we are now having our Emilia do the job.as she can literally heal twice as much health as our scout (2000+ versus 1000+).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crude Belt and Team Arena

Tonight, we participated in a random Team Arena.  By random, we mean that it was not the usual group of clan members and attendees.  Instead, Hollowz™, Shinriki, and our family were on the Yellow team while the Blue team consisted of 2 of our clan members and some random family (by the name of dragon something).  The Shinriki family appeared to left the Team Arena early on so it was mostly Hollowz™ that was doing the work of destroying the gates and defeating Dios.  Our Yellow team won and we received 6 Level 90 H experience cards from the treasure chest.

From the drops, Hollowz™ gave us a Crude Belt recipe, High Quality Ruby, High Quality Sapphire, High Quality Emerald, and 2 Level 96 Enchantment Chips.  We gave away the enchantment chips to our clan members on the blue team as they would otherwise have not gotten anything.

After some thought and consultation, we decided to craft the Crude Belt recipe.  We purchased 10 Mysterious Powders from the market for 10 million vis and 20 High Quality Cloth from the textile merchant in Port Coimbra for 940,000 vis.  The Crude Belt gives 3 Def and we had our Grace wear it as she had less defense than even our elementalist.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Something on the forum

There's an interesting topic on the forum regarding the replaced Sorceress Emilia (aka Reckless Emilia).  Instead of just getting a Constellation weapon and Emilia The Sage as compensation until Sorceress Emilia is fixed (at which point, they're get her back), the winners will get:
  • The Constellation weapon with perhaps the best enchantments and sockets.  Not entirely sure if it's pre-upgraded to +7 and if there is more than one weapon.
  • Elite Le Noir with perhaps the best enchantments.
  • Emilia The Sage - That used to be Sorceress Emilia
  • Sorceress Emilia - When the issue is fixed
  • Asoka - Yes, the ever popular and very rare one that is yet to be released
While their compensation doesn't directly affect us, it does leave a bad taste regarding how things are operated.