Friday, November 19, 2010

Accident in Skeleton Dungeon

While training Claire in the Skeleton Dungeon  (channel 3) this evening, we got bored and started using up some of our Mystic Spinelles.  The creatures that appeared were all easy until that came out.  It was a level 120 Elite Vedanobah (not entirely sure on the spelling but it started with a "V").  We weren't exactly sure what it was but in the darkness of the Skeleton Nest, it appeared to be a little hunchback man with a knife that was easily knocked down.  It mixed in with the hordes of skeleton warriors and lancers.  To our surprise and before we noticed it's level, it knocked out our expert Grace in seconds and defeated Emilia and Claire so quickly that Emilia was left standing confused.

As we didn't like to leave our messes for others to step on, we went back with our Fighter, expert Romina, and Emilia to take care of it.  It was a pain with the target being easily knocked down and our team being surrounded by skeletons.  We finally managed to drive it into a corner with about half of their health when to our surprise, we lost contact and was unable to reestablish contact for half an hour.  Obviously, our team with our strongest melee characters were defeated.

To that family standing within viewing distance, training their characters, we'd have to say "oops, sorry" if our summon caused them trouble.


Ashardalon said...

Hm. Sounds like one of the mobs inside Al Quet Moreza, Holy Water Chamber raid.

+Rozaaz+ said...

Good times. :D
I remember summoning that thing in stone pit before HWC came. So much for experting in stone pit.
There's also an Enraged Hellhound lvl 120 that comes from the mystic amber. be sure you use mystic ambers with and expert as leader or else that thing is... deadly. ._.

*random passerby-er*