Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crude Belt and Team Arena

Tonight, we participated in a random Team Arena.  By random, we mean that it was not the usual group of clan members and attendees.  Instead, Hollowz™, Shinriki, and our family were on the Yellow team while the Blue team consisted of 2 of our clan members and some random family (by the name of dragon something).  The Shinriki family appeared to left the Team Arena early on so it was mostly Hollowz™ that was doing the work of destroying the gates and defeating Dios.  Our Yellow team won and we received 6 Level 90 H experience cards from the treasure chest.

From the drops, Hollowz™ gave us a Crude Belt recipe, High Quality Ruby, High Quality Sapphire, High Quality Emerald, and 2 Level 96 Enchantment Chips.  We gave away the enchantment chips to our clan members on the blue team as they would otherwise have not gotten anything.

After some thought and consultation, we decided to craft the Crude Belt recipe.  We purchased 10 Mysterious Powders from the market for 10 million vis and 20 High Quality Cloth from the textile merchant in Port Coimbra for 940,000 vis.  The Crude Belt gives 3 Def and we had our Grace wear it as she had less defense than even our elementalist.

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