Monday, November 15, 2010

Idge's Chest II & the Crystal Shooter

We noticed that we have 3 Idge's Chest II in our inventory (from a promotion) and after a debate on whether to sell them or open them, we decided to satisfy our curiosity by opening them.  Inside, we found:
  1. Upgrade Accelerator x 10
  2. Crystal Shooter - A level 92 rifle.  Pictures below.
  3. Veteran G Experience Card x 5 - They give 14 million experience points each. (Exactly 10% of a veteran level).  We'll have our Grace use these later.
The Crystal Shooter matches Grace's gloves quite well.
We wonder how useful these initial enchantments are.  Perhaps we'll meet some Golems later to test it out.


Ashardalon said...

ATK22 + Golem90 is good enough to keep, I think.

Amalielle said...

Next patch there will be a lot of golem related monster for u to shoot. I would keep those if I was you.

WW said...

Thanks, can't wait to put holes in things.

Deslicer said...

wow, you got those stats on it right out of the chest? Congrats to you :D