Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On hold but for how long?

We visited Errac Terra Dias the other day to see how well or poorly our first team of Experts would do.  The results were not pretty as we were unable to take down even a lone target.  Just having one other target notice us was enough to defeat our team.  As getting the expert stances require farming this map for rare Ancient Runes and then getting a good squad to survive the even tougher creatures within the Occult dungeon, the situation looked pretty hopeless.  It's sort of funny how we have the symbols and the great stones but not the quest.

So combined with a few other issues (one of which is major and relatively personal), we decided to lock the quarters for the time being.  Of course, before doing so, we notified our clan first so that we didn't just suddenly disappear on them.  Perhaps if and when we journey into the world again, we can meet up with the clan leader of our previous clan who have also disappeared recently with no clear time for coming back.


deL said...

aww thats to bad, i visit your site, everyday to see whats new. hope you come back soon.

WW said...

Thanks, as soon as I solve some of the real life issues and have free time again, I'll be sure to log on again.