Monday, November 1, 2010

Something on the forum

There's an interesting topic on the forum regarding the replaced Sorceress Emilia (aka Reckless Emilia).  Instead of just getting a Constellation weapon and Emilia The Sage as compensation until Sorceress Emilia is fixed (at which point, they're get her back), the winners will get:
  • The Constellation weapon with perhaps the best enchantments and sockets.  Not entirely sure if it's pre-upgraded to +7 and if there is more than one weapon.
  • Elite Le Noir with perhaps the best enchantments.
  • Emilia The Sage - That used to be Sorceress Emilia
  • Sorceress Emilia - When the issue is fixed
  • Asoka - Yes, the ever popular and very rare one that is yet to be released
While their compensation doesn't directly affect us, it does leave a bad taste regarding how things are operated.

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