Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Testing our mettle

Today, we tested the mettle of our experts against the battles that used to defeat us instantly.  Specifically, the mission involving Arsene (Ania's quest) and the Seal of Novia mission (Garcia's quest).  For the Seal of Novia mission, we were surprised to discover that we could survive the initial AOE spell strike but the 3 guardians still managed to defeat us in under 10 seconds. For the Arsene mission, we also survived his initial strike and most of his spells too.  Unfortunately, it took 14 minutes (out of the 30 minute limit) just to bring his health down to 75% and the duo team of Frost and Arsene managed to defeat us easily after that.  Since it took so long to bring Arsene's health down by so little, we predict that we will run out of time even if do manage to survive.


Ashardalon said...

I did Seal of Novia with 2 Experts, 1 Vet. Just use Invis Pots at the start. See my short write-up on Seal of Novia.

For Arsene, try to lure him out into the long corridor, away from where the mini-bosses spawn.

Zigurate said...

I did the quest with vet romina expert ele and expert fighter. once the mission starts run your romina away as fast as you can while spamming provoke with your fighter (in defender of course)that should help you survive the initial strike. my ele with crap gear was able to dominate the guards :)