Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Event Day 2

We managed to save 1 Rudolph from the Gold mission before time ran out, 1 Rudolph from the Silver mission (don't really know how they determine how many appeared at the end), and 3 Rudolph from the Bronze mission.  Unfortunately, we still don't have a complete set of Santa equipment and hence still don't have any coins.  Instead have now have 5 Santa Mufflers and multiples of other items. We were initially hoping to try for the Rudolph pet but it looks out of the question now.  We would be lucky to even get enough coins for even a single costume accessory at this rate.

Server's up and Christmas Event

Bristia became available a few days ago and the Christmas Event apparently started yesterday.  We traded for a set of keys from Santa Nunez and attempted the 3 missions.  On the Bronze mission, we only managed to rescue 2 of the Rudolph reindeer that were guarded by Emily and Celine.  By the time we reached Mario, the other 2 had fallen.  On the Gold mission, we had help from our clan leader but I did not manage to get any of the eggs to hatch.  The Silver mission seemed the most straightforward as it seemed to only involve defeating the Ghost of Novia and the various crystals without the worry of Rudolph/eggs expiring.  In any case, we did not manage to get a complete set of Santa items from the missions and therefore, we did not get a single coin.

We also received some Christmas gifts from our clan leader in the form of the new Wizard costumes and musketeer hat that were released from the new boxes.  We purchased the new Scout costume from the market to complete the set.  As we do not have good picture taking equipment at the moment (we're away for the holiday), we'll do a photo session later.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Entertaining circus run

We had an entertaining Circus Arsene raid last night.  Although we didn't win, it was probably one of the most interesting circus runs in recent memory.  The initial team was composed of our clan leader with his master fighter (main tank and damage dealer), one of our vice clan leaders with his master Lisa (secondary damage dealer), a fellow clan member with her veteran scout, and our expert Romina (to see how well she would perform).  We easily defeated Frost and Emily.  However, when we reached Celine's room, we noticed that our clan leader had disappeared (his PC crashed) so it was a bit of a challenge to defeat Celine.  Celine was able to defeat Lisa a few times at which point, either the scout or our Romina would have to wake her up.  There were quite a few instances where our Romina had to wake up both the scout and Lisa while leading Celine around in circles so that the scout can apply addition medical attention.

Mario was also quite a challenge since our Romina was only able to do 28 damage (56 critical) per hit.  It took a long time and at times we thought it was a stalemate but we were able to defeat him at the end.  We used invisible potions to get past the guards in the long hallway since time was short but our team was eventually defeated by the Wounded Mario when his health was almost depleted.  His burn effects prevented our Romina from waking up the others in time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hell Breaker

Heading towards Hell Breaker
Hell Breaker has an attack that knocks everyone back.
The smoking charred remains of Hell Breaker.
The rewards were pretty terrible.
This morning, our family, our clan leader, a former clan member, and 2 members of TheOne (F.F.Heroes and perez20) visited the Toukbal Mine to find and defeat Hell Breaker. We actually arrived half an hour early so our small squad of 3 just milled around. About a minute before the designated time, the 2 members of TheOne arrived.  There was some confusion and possible glitches regarding the excavator switches but Hell Breaker did appear suddenly.

We were expecting the worst but surprisingly, the wide area attacks inflicted relatively little damage.  It was probably 40% damage to our veteran musketeer Iris, 20% to our expert scout Florence, and a mere 5% to our expert Grace. The turrets at the edges definitely did more damage. With all the other participants being master level, the whole battle only lasted a few minutes.

The rewards seemed pretty terrible or perhaps the other squad (the TO) got the Journal #10 and the Mysterious Steel Piece.  Our squad got a Pure Gold Bar and several Cast Iron Pieces.  In any case, no one has apparently picked up a Steel recipe.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A revelation

While wandering through Rion Hollow looking for our usual spot, the baron Belth (of the Aeon clan) chased down and defeated our Helena just now. Fortunately after a few seconds of fleeing, we had the revelation that Grace was currently part of our team (to quickly level the others) so instead of continuing to flee, we switched her weapon and turned back to confront the baron. The reward was a Mission Lobby Trinity Level 2.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Odd glow

That blue glow makes it seem as if she was floating on a cloud.
While shopping on the market tonight, we noticed a weapon spell effect that we've never seen before.  Specifically, we saw a bright blue cloud running in our direction and upon closer inspection, the source of the blue cloud is the gaiters that Soso was wearing. We wonder what type of weapon it was and didn't get a chance to ask them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Continuing the quest line

She just loves to give little hints and innuendos doesn't she.

Even without the Terrible debuff, it will be difficult if not downright impossible to beat this mission at our level.  So we'll hold off on trying out the Fruholen Shield potion.

Perhaps he wouldn't be so hated if his services don't break your equipment.  Wonder how much he has saved from all the upgrades people pay him for.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Noting Arsene's last message, we continued the quest and ended up at the Republican safe house.

We decided to help Helena by providing 3 Elemental Jewels.

And now we have one more addition to our family.

Beat him again

Emboldened by last evening's success, we sent our elementalist Eloise alone through the sewers to the Bourgogne Palace.  She had to fight her way through more obstacles and managed to gain a Blue rough stone.  The Thunderstorm skill was way useful in shocking and eliminating multiple targets.  Eventually she made her way to Arsene and they had a battle of spells in the hallway.  Something of note that was key to survival this time was noticing when Arsene raised his arms with some blue swirl spell effects.  Whenever that happened, it was wise to do a strategic retreat.  With that in mind, we managed to complete the mission with 67 minutes to spare and without using Healing potions (only relying on the Moppet for healing).

Monday, December 6, 2010


We were pleasantly surprised as we didn't expect to get Ania so soon.

Now we have an extra family member to train.

Perhaps we should start saving the blunts that we find.
After the battle with Arsene, we ended up in front of Ania in El Dorado.  Since we were there, we had a chat and Ania joined our family.

Sweet revenge

Didn't expect magic did you!

Tonight, we fried Louis Arsene's behind. Adapting from the previous suggestion regarding metal armor users, we replaced Romina with our elementalist Eloise.  We were not expecting to win as Eloise was wearing a basic +4 Elite La Ventisca (total DR of 56) and using a +4 Veteran Ancestral Lightning Bracelet (total AR of 57) in the Possession Lightning stance.  However, as the battle raged on with flying cards/dice and Lightning being exchanged, we noticed that Eloise was able to survive all his various attacks.

Even when under the influence of Joker, our elementalist Eloise was able to survive the rest of his strikes long enough for Joker to wear off.  We didn't dare bring our scout within range to cast Healing so Eloise was solely surviving on the 750HP health potions.  It was so relaxing that we were able to take the time to actually read the description for Joker which reduces Attack, Defense, and Accuracy.  Seeing as how Possession Lightning already has 0 Accuracy and an extra large Attack value, Joker didn't seem to affect her attacks much, at least not enough to lose his attention.  As we were in the hallway, there was no one to use physical attacks on us either so we managed to complete the mission with more than 7 minutes to spare.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Test 2

We managed to find an affordable and relatively good metal armor on the market recently so we attempted to fight Arsene again. Taking the advice from a recent comment, we lured him out into the hallway so that the potential summoned help would not disturb us. Unfortunately, despite attempting it multiple times, we were unable to take away even 10% of his health so he didn't even need to summon Frost. Even with 61 DR, he was always able to defeat our team in 2 attacks when he tries, with his first attack doing 80 - 90% damage. That was so depressing that we logged off for the rest of the night..