Thursday, December 23, 2010

Entertaining circus run

We had an entertaining Circus Arsene raid last night.  Although we didn't win, it was probably one of the most interesting circus runs in recent memory.  The initial team was composed of our clan leader with his master fighter (main tank and damage dealer), one of our vice clan leaders with his master Lisa (secondary damage dealer), a fellow clan member with her veteran scout, and our expert Romina (to see how well she would perform).  We easily defeated Frost and Emily.  However, when we reached Celine's room, we noticed that our clan leader had disappeared (his PC crashed) so it was a bit of a challenge to defeat Celine.  Celine was able to defeat Lisa a few times at which point, either the scout or our Romina would have to wake her up.  There were quite a few instances where our Romina had to wake up both the scout and Lisa while leading Celine around in circles so that the scout can apply addition medical attention.

Mario was also quite a challenge since our Romina was only able to do 28 damage (56 critical) per hit.  It took a long time and at times we thought it was a stalemate but we were able to defeat him at the end.  We used invisible potions to get past the guards in the long hallway since time was short but our team was eventually defeated by the Wounded Mario when his health was almost depleted.  His burn effects prevented our Romina from waking up the others in time.

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