Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hell Breaker

Heading towards Hell Breaker
Hell Breaker has an attack that knocks everyone back.
The smoking charred remains of Hell Breaker.
The rewards were pretty terrible.
This morning, our family, our clan leader, a former clan member, and 2 members of TheOne (F.F.Heroes and perez20) visited the Toukbal Mine to find and defeat Hell Breaker. We actually arrived half an hour early so our small squad of 3 just milled around. About a minute before the designated time, the 2 members of TheOne arrived.  There was some confusion and possible glitches regarding the excavator switches but Hell Breaker did appear suddenly.

We were expecting the worst but surprisingly, the wide area attacks inflicted relatively little damage.  It was probably 40% damage to our veteran musketeer Iris, 20% to our expert scout Florence, and a mere 5% to our expert Grace. The turrets at the edges definitely did more damage. With all the other participants being master level, the whole battle only lasted a few minutes.

The rewards seemed pretty terrible or perhaps the other squad (the TO) got the Journal #10 and the Mysterious Steel Piece.  Our squad got a Pure Gold Bar and several Cast Iron Pieces.  In any case, no one has apparently picked up a Steel recipe.

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