Friday, December 31, 2010

Server's up and Christmas Event

Bristia became available a few days ago and the Christmas Event apparently started yesterday.  We traded for a set of keys from Santa Nunez and attempted the 3 missions.  On the Bronze mission, we only managed to rescue 2 of the Rudolph reindeer that were guarded by Emily and Celine.  By the time we reached Mario, the other 2 had fallen.  On the Gold mission, we had help from our clan leader but I did not manage to get any of the eggs to hatch.  The Silver mission seemed the most straightforward as it seemed to only involve defeating the Ghost of Novia and the various crystals without the worry of Rudolph/eggs expiring.  In any case, we did not manage to get a complete set of Santa items from the missions and therefore, we did not get a single coin.

We also received some Christmas gifts from our clan leader in the form of the new Wizard costumes and musketeer hat that were released from the new boxes.  We purchased the new Scout costume from the market to complete the set.  As we do not have good picture taking equipment at the moment (we're away for the holiday), we'll do a photo session later.

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