Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet revenge

Didn't expect magic did you!

Tonight, we fried Louis Arsene's behind. Adapting from the previous suggestion regarding metal armor users, we replaced Romina with our elementalist Eloise.  We were not expecting to win as Eloise was wearing a basic +4 Elite La Ventisca (total DR of 56) and using a +4 Veteran Ancestral Lightning Bracelet (total AR of 57) in the Possession Lightning stance.  However, as the battle raged on with flying cards/dice and Lightning being exchanged, we noticed that Eloise was able to survive all his various attacks.

Even when under the influence of Joker, our elementalist Eloise was able to survive the rest of his strikes long enough for Joker to wear off.  We didn't dare bring our scout within range to cast Healing so Eloise was solely surviving on the 750HP health potions.  It was so relaxing that we were able to take the time to actually read the description for Joker which reduces Attack, Defense, and Accuracy.  Seeing as how Possession Lightning already has 0 Accuracy and an extra large Attack value, Joker didn't seem to affect her attacks much, at least not enough to lose his attention.  As we were in the hallway, there was no one to use physical attacks on us either so we managed to complete the mission with more than 7 minutes to spare.

1 comment:

Amalielle said...

Congratulation xD.... U see since arsene is a wiz pretty much. And ele have really high resist to all mental/elemental atk, that why she survived.