Sunday, December 5, 2010

Test 2

We managed to find an affordable and relatively good metal armor on the market recently so we attempted to fight Arsene again. Taking the advice from a recent comment, we lured him out into the hallway so that the potential summoned help would not disturb us. Unfortunately, despite attempting it multiple times, we were unable to take away even 10% of his health so he didn't even need to summon Frost. Even with 61 DR, he was always able to defeat our team in 2 attacks when he tries, with his first attack doing 80 - 90% damage. That was so depressing that we logged off for the rest of the night..


Amalielle said...

metal armor are a good idea for arsene, since he do mental damage xD.. you should try to borrow someone EBF or ln fig for it.

Amalielle said...

I meant "NOT a good idea".. but i guess you got what i meant xD