Friday, January 28, 2011

Results of Ethereal Treasure Chests

Due to adventuring last weekend, we received a few Ethereal Treasure Chests.  As we don't have anything else of note to write about tonight, we decided to try our luck with the chests. And hence, we found the following:
  1. Great Stone x 10 and Symbol of Aquarius - Maybe we'll use this if our musketeer ever reaches Expert.  Having 2 characters at the same time with Flintlock will probably make us as giddy as has 2 characters with Outrage.  For now, the symbol will go in the warehouse.
  2. Great Stone x 10
  3. Great Stone x 10 and Eyeglass Box x 10 - We'll open these someday when we're bored.

We also opened up some old Elite Treasure Chests that we noticed hiding among the mess. We had completely forgotten when we had gotten them or what they might contain.  From them, we found the following:
  1. Earth Stone x 5
  2. Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  3. Earth Stone x 5
  4. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x 5
  5. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x 5

On a different note, we just remembered that we were able to defeat the Dream Antelope in Via Fluvial by ourselves the first time tonight.  After the toroga family made a mess of Bahamar Wetlands, we warped to Via Fluvial right on top of the Dream Antelope.  It took awhile to defeat this creature but we got to see the usefulness of the Penetration Shot skill of the Flintlock stance as it knocked away the cabybara and bears that were joining in the fun.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ruidestencia costume

The name of this costume was quite difficult to spell.  The costume is also one of the most conservative costumes for the elementalist, yet it has a lot of detail.

Iberis costume for Brunie

We saw the Iberis costume being sold on the market at an affordable price tonight so we snatched it up.
Our Brunie finally gets a change of outfit after having wore the same thing for months, maybe years.  This outfit appears to show more cleavage compared to her other outfits.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curse of Mermaid? and Enhanced Tactics

When we checked up on our team tonight in Bahamar, we noticed that our Grace was knocked out and that the "Curse of Mermaid" was recently lifted.  Our scout and Romina's health were a quarter down but there was no sign of whatever that attacked us.  There weren't any other families within visible range but there were a few knocked out people just beyond visible range.  So we're wondering what we missed out on.

We also managed to purchase a Scorpio symbol off the market today in order to trade it for the Enhanced Tactics stance book.  It took all our remaining vis and resources but fortunately, there isn't anything more that we were planning to purchase..  We/re confused on how the built-in bonus of the Enhanced Tactic and the various skills work though.  For example, that built-in 20% physical damage increase makes it seem as if my scout is more physically fragile.  Reading the forums, it seems that we shouldn't max out Organization.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today, we hunted down the 50 Kobold Crounchers.  It took us the whole afternoon to get 28.  With outside help, we got the rest in about half an hour.
Nar was so happy that he joined our family. Fortunately, we still have the level 60 blunt from Ania so Nar is able to use Combatant right away.

Expressions of Emilia

We've all seen many of the expressions that Emilia likes to make.  She's probably the most expressive of the townsfolk.
Emilia does cry a lot doesn't she.
Wonder what she could be busy with.
We'd like to know who these men are.
It's almost like Gurtrude is making a photobomb.

Night's adventures

Tonight, a clan member and our clan leader were planning to visit the Occult dungeon.  Hence, we attempted to complete the Rescue Errac (Defend Errac) quest several times.  We initially attempted it with our expert Romina/Scout/Grace but Nar always got surrounded and defeated by the creatures.  We switched to our veteran Fighter but the 2nd wave of creatures overwhelm us.  Remembering a funny comic that we read awhile ago, we switched to our expert Elementalist and had her use her natural charm to lure the entire pack of creatures plus Nar to a safe quiet corner.  Once at the corner, we shocked the creatures into submission and kept Nar safe until the end of the mission.

After we made Nar happy, we found out that Ania needed help too.  Initially we went with Romina/Scout/Grace but we couldn't pull the pack of mobs off Ania so we naturally lost that round.  So out comes our elementalist again with her feminine charms.  Once again, it worked but since the pack of creatures were larger this time, our elementalist had to run around in circles until the successful end of the mission (which ended 2 minutes early for some reason).

With the successful rescue of Ania, we received a mission that required visiting the Occult dungeon.  We used almost all of our remaining vis to purchase 5 Ti runes and entered the Occult dungeon with our clanmates.
In rush to coordinates H8, only the scout of our family managed to make it there safely (with the assistance of 5 Soul Crystals).  Our Romina and Grace appeared to have fallen into some sort of trap which effectively made Soul Crystals useless.  Fortunately, once at H8, our squad (mostly the clan leader) were able to defeat the Kobold Elders without any issues.
We continued with the storyline and was all excited about the expert constellation stances but discovered that we were lacking the Scorpio symbol and hence unable to get the Enhanced Tactics stance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another weapon to our collection

Now that we think about it, we should have had her wearing the samurai outfit.
Tonight, we brought a Naginata polearm from the market for 12 million vis.  It seemed to be a decent price for a level 92 30AR polearm, cheaper than making another elite level 92 baron weapon ourselves.

Monday, January 17, 2011

An Runes

Tonight, we went with Slania to Errac and successfully farmed our first rune, specifically the Ar rune.  At the end of the session, we also received a Te rune and another An rune that had dropped.  Mid term goals are now to obtain better scout leather armor and better armaments, specifically a 1 handed sword and perhaps a rifle.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sharffenberger the Cursed Instance mission

This afternoon, we supported a Sharffenberger the Cursed instance mission.  It was just us and another family.  The most valuable drops were some sort of key and a Constellation Symbol box, out of which was a Libra symbol.  As we only supported (and quite poorly at that), we received a level 100 Clara Mago, a level 100 Rosa Matrimonio, 2 elite level 84 weapons, and a level 100 enchantment chip.

Unexpectedly busy in the world

Major change of colony ownership
The political world map unexpectedly changed tonight.  This was minutes after we declared on the group chat that it would be "another quiet Saturday night".  There was apparently some fierce fighting throughout the fighting period and some colonies changed hands quite a few times.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toy Hammer and new Veterans

Dual wielded with a blank +4 elite level 92 Dragon Tooth gave our Ania a total of 57 AR.  The Toy Hammer emits a rainbow trail of stars behind it.
Newly promoted veteran Ania with a relatively newly promoted Helena
This afternoon, we promoted Ania to veteran and had her wield the Toy Hammer we brought from the market (20 million) the other day.  We had a quick duel with king3500 involving the Toy Hammers and the sight was hilarious.

Right before Bristia went down during the Christmas holiday, we also promoted promoted Helena to veteran and had her learn the Forgotten Magic stance.

Magician Dolls

Where did they come from?
Today, while attending the Circus raid with a completely new group of people (Sandbird & king3500), we noticed something that we've never saw before.  We think they were called Magician Dolls and they packed quite a punch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Night's events

Tonight, we left the group chat ("I miss Emergence") that we were in for over a year and a half to join another group chat.  The last family to log on in the former chat stopped logging in months ago.

We spent the rest of the evening updating the wiki.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rudolph Doll & Angel Ring For Event

The bag actually sways when the character is running.

It's pretty cute already but would be even better if his nose glows.

Tonight, we managed to scrounge up the remaining 4 Santa Coins needed to purchase both a Rudolph Doll and a Angel Ring For Event (2 Santa Coins each).  The Angel Ring actually does look quite charming on certain characters, especially those with long hair.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rudolph baby pet

We wonder what it can do other than supposedly heal.
Tonight, after completing the Christmas event missions, we were only 1 Santa Glove away from having 15 Santa Coins.  Therefore, we brought the last Santa Glove off the market for about 990,000 vis and obtained the 15th coin with it.  We named out new pet Rudy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Event progress

We just got our 9th and 10th Santa coins tonight.  We worked out a procedure with a fellow clan member which allowed us to complete all 3 missions under 10 minutes.
We also got a close look at the Angel Ring reward.  It seems cute with the tiny head wings but not something we were really aiming for since the white headband seems to spoil it..

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Torozvah Ell

This is an odd costume that we've never seen before until it was actually available. It looks like there are pink roses on her knees

Slend Kloria

Purple seems to be a favorite color scheme. Almost thought that this was some other outfit.

Christmas Event Day 3

Tonight, we finally did the Christmas Event missions with a full squad of 3 families.  It was quite a success as we finished all 3 missions quickly and easily.  After the mission, we traded for the parts we were missing and our family got their very first and only Santa coin which looked more like a cookie.  It seems Santa Coats were in short supply.