Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curse of Mermaid? and Enhanced Tactics

When we checked up on our team tonight in Bahamar, we noticed that our Grace was knocked out and that the "Curse of Mermaid" was recently lifted.  Our scout and Romina's health were a quarter down but there was no sign of whatever that attacked us.  There weren't any other families within visible range but there were a few knocked out people just beyond visible range.  So we're wondering what we missed out on.

We also managed to purchase a Scorpio symbol off the market today in order to trade it for the Enhanced Tactics stance book.  It took all our remaining vis and resources but fortunately, there isn't anything more that we were planning to purchase..  We/re confused on how the built-in bonus of the Enhanced Tactic and the various skills work though.  For example, that built-in 20% physical damage increase makes it seem as if my scout is more physically fragile.  Reading the forums, it seems that we shouldn't max out Organization.


Ashardalon said...

Mermaid Curse is the debuff caused by Silurian (aka Merman Eater). Its spawn quite rarely. I encountered only a few times, such as here.

Either someone killed it and left, or it despawned after killing those that attacked it.

Uh, Organization gets AR+1 at Lv.11. So I really would max it though.

Ashardalon said...

Also, the damage increase/decrease for expert stances applies only for PvP, IIRC.