Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night's adventures

Tonight, a clan member and our clan leader were planning to visit the Occult dungeon.  Hence, we attempted to complete the Rescue Errac (Defend Errac) quest several times.  We initially attempted it with our expert Romina/Scout/Grace but Nar always got surrounded and defeated by the creatures.  We switched to our veteran Fighter but the 2nd wave of creatures overwhelm us.  Remembering a funny comic that we read awhile ago, we switched to our expert Elementalist and had her use her natural charm to lure the entire pack of creatures plus Nar to a safe quiet corner.  Once at the corner, we shocked the creatures into submission and kept Nar safe until the end of the mission.

After we made Nar happy, we found out that Ania needed help too.  Initially we went with Romina/Scout/Grace but we couldn't pull the pack of mobs off Ania so we naturally lost that round.  So out comes our elementalist again with her feminine charms.  Once again, it worked but since the pack of creatures were larger this time, our elementalist had to run around in circles until the successful end of the mission (which ended 2 minutes early for some reason).

With the successful rescue of Ania, we received a mission that required visiting the Occult dungeon.  We used almost all of our remaining vis to purchase 5 Ti runes and entered the Occult dungeon with our clanmates.
In rush to coordinates H8, only the scout of our family managed to make it there safely (with the assistance of 5 Soul Crystals).  Our Romina and Grace appeared to have fallen into some sort of trap which effectively made Soul Crystals useless.  Fortunately, once at H8, our squad (mostly the clan leader) were able to defeat the Kobold Elders without any issues.
We continued with the storyline and was all excited about the expert constellation stances but discovered that we were lacking the Scorpio symbol and hence unable to get the Enhanced Tactics stance.

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Ashardalon said...

I had the same Soul Crystal problem before. Apparently, you cannot use SC if your leader is too far away. I mentioned it at Occulta & Kobold Elders.