Friday, January 28, 2011

Results of Ethereal Treasure Chests

Due to adventuring last weekend, we received a few Ethereal Treasure Chests.  As we don't have anything else of note to write about tonight, we decided to try our luck with the chests. And hence, we found the following:
  1. Great Stone x 10 and Symbol of Aquarius - Maybe we'll use this if our musketeer ever reaches Expert.  Having 2 characters at the same time with Flintlock will probably make us as giddy as has 2 characters with Outrage.  For now, the symbol will go in the warehouse.
  2. Great Stone x 10
  3. Great Stone x 10 and Eyeglass Box x 10 - We'll open these someday when we're bored.

We also opened up some old Elite Treasure Chests that we noticed hiding among the mess. We had completely forgotten when we had gotten them or what they might contain.  From them, we found the following:
  1. Earth Stone x 5
  2. Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  3. Earth Stone x 5
  4. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x 5
  5. Level 92 Enchantment Chip x 5

On a different note, we just remembered that we were able to defeat the Dream Antelope in Via Fluvial by ourselves the first time tonight.  After the toroga family made a mess of Bahamar Wetlands, we warped to Via Fluvial right on top of the Dream Antelope.  It took awhile to defeat this creature but we got to see the usefulness of the Penetration Shot skill of the Flintlock stance as it knocked away the cabybara and bears that were joining in the fun.

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