Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramiro becomes a man

It all started when we promoted our Ramiro to Veteran and he started flirting with Lisa (the only other dark skinned lady in town other than the one in his photo).  After she rebuffed his advances, he wanted to teach her a little lesson but...
got his butt kicked.  Lisa suggested that Ramiro visit Jack to learn what it meant to be a true man so off Ramiro went.
Jack had Ramiro breaking boulders into stones for construction and was paid a single Gold Piece.  It seemed so little that Ramiro complained and Jack said something derogatory about Andre.  This had Ramiro visiting Andre.
Andre had us buy his useless level 84 armors at a cost of about 9.6 million vis and Ramiro called him a crook.  Andre then said something derogatory about Claude so we went to see him instead.  Claude had us hunting for 3 creatures: the Sabretiger, the Golden Spider, and the Phobitan General.
The Sabretiger was a pain to find.  The General in Topolo was slightly easier.
After some searching in Ustier Zona Uno, we found the Sabretiger and defeated it.  The Golden Spider was easy as we had Golden Spider spinelles.  The Phobitan General was almost as difficult to find as the Sabretiger but we managed to find it running near a house in the center of Topolo Durga.
It seemed rather pointless to hunt and Ramiro recognized it so he decided to visit someone smart to ask for their opinion.
It sounds like you tried wearing the Grade School Uniform. Kinky!
Lisa agreed with Emilia's assessment on what it took to be a real man.  Out of the blue, Lisa then asked for Ramiro's Grade School Uniform.  We don't know what she wanted with his uniform but it looks like she has a stock of Grade School Uniforms that does fit her to give out.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upgrading the Reboldeaux Soldier

This afternoon, we got our Reboldeaux Soldier to level 100 and promoted her to Veteran (25 Shiny Crystals).  Speaking with Domingo back in Reboldeaux, we started a new quest chain.
We were half expecting them to dance in unison with the zombies.
The first mission was defending the Queen's Gate from a horde of zombies.  It was pretty easy as they were quite slow and are not as powerful as the ones in Los Toldos.
Afterward, we paid a visit to Jose in Port Coimbra.  The next mission was supposed to be defeating some bandits but....
there were no bandits there, only political refugees.
The next mission involved defeating more zombies but at Ferruccio's Wall.
Thought all Rescue Knights were female.
As our Soldier disobeyed that trooper's orders, she was kicked out of his regiment.  We find it odd that he was wearing the uniform of a Coimbra Trooper yet was ordering a Reboldeaux Soldier around.
So basically, our Soldier was transferred to Romina's team in Ustier.  The Superior Centurion costume gives our Soldier +10 AGI points.

To Castilla Ruins

Very tough
Tonight, we manage to join a squad and make it through the Castilla Mines.  It was quite tough and we had to use Soul Crystals.  In the very last room, we didn't even know what was knocking us out until someone mentioned looking up the pillars.  It turned out to be a bunch of skeleton mages up there raining fire on us.
She's not friendly at all.
At the ruins, we used a Ancient Relic Piece to go through one of the Warp Gates to see what was on the other side.  We didn't last very long over there.

Strange Spheres and Supply Distribution

Located next to Leo, maybe only on Channel 1
Tonight, we figured out what the Strange Spheres were for.  We started collecting the Strange Spheres last Saturday night and tonight, we remembered to search for the person that would accept those spheres.  We heard that he was located in Reboldeaux and needed 30 Strange Spheres in exchange for a reward.  Unfortunately, that wasn't all that he required as he also tacked on a random item requirement in addition to the Strange Spheres.

The first time for us, he attached a requirement of 100 Mega Talts.  Fortunately, we still have Mega Talts so we were able to complete the requirements.  The reward from the box were 2 Veteran Experience Level G cards which gave 14 million experience points each.  The second time we went for the exchange, we got the requirement of 30 Pieces of Emerald.  Fortunately, a fellow clan member was kind enough to provide us with some and our reward from that exchange was 3 Honor Card A which gave 100 reputation points each.

Other requirements that we heard about from fellow clan members were 300 Ice Crystals and 50 Rholodite (?)  Pieces.  Those sound much harder to collect.  We also haven't figured out what to do with the Certificates of Supply yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

First hurdle of Castille Mines

Don't you ever look up?
Tonight, we were hoping to continue the squad from last night to explore the Castilla Mines and beyond.  Unfortunately, we seemed to be separated from them and were unable to contact any of them tonight.  After a period of waiting, time began to run short so we entered the Castilla Mines by ourselves to retrieve the Steel Ararat of Chaos Magic Stone.  The reward for our efforts was a Honor Card B and a Steel Ararat of Chaos Slayer medal.  The next set of hearts look to be much more difficult to the point that we can't even reach it ourselves.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gold Ancient Relic

What is it for?
Tonight, we attempted to visit the Castilla Mine for the 2nd time of the day only to be turned back because we didn't have an Ancient Relic.  We exchanged 3 Ancient Relic Piece items + 3000 fesos hoping to get an Ancient Relic but we received a Gold Ancient Relic instead.  As we are not sure of the value or use of this item, we're holding on to it instead.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bounty Hunter Mission Weekend

We're the martial arts team.
This weekend, we attempted a few of the Bounty Hunter Missions.  We started with the one requiring the lowest level range and worked our way up.  This was probably the first time a large portion of our family got to see action in one sitting as we have a relatively large range of levels.
The Accursed Porto Bello was the first mission.  Emilia fell quite a few times and Catherine Torsche was able to easily attract the Escudo Pecher's attention.

Some people had to drop out after the Accursed Porto Bello was completed so only the two of us continued on to the Accursed Mansion.
The Accursed Prison de Joaquin came next.  As our Veteran level characters were able to participate in this, the mission went quite well.
The last mission we completed was the Accursed Skeleton Dungeon.  A note to ourselves for the next repetition is to bring our elementalist to bear the Boneless's attack as his magic hurts melee characters like Romina quite a lot.

Angie Shirley

We discovered that Leonardo now sells Reboldeaux / Coimbra / Auch Return Scrolls at 3000 vis each so we purchased the rest of the scrolls that Angie had wanted for literally years.  After having our summoner Catherine gather some Lazim wings for her (and gathering a whole bunch of Shiny Crystals in the process), we saw Gertrude in action which impressed Angie enough to join our family.
Maybe we'll have them play board games.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

+8 Winged Blade 3S

It's like wielding light.
Another +8 weapon dropped for us tonight.  Starting a +8 collection might be a fun idea.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Mobile guards
Tonight, we brought a ticket from Port Coimbra to travel to Castilla First Post.  It looked like quite a sunny place with beautiful beaches.
Quite an attractive look.
The female to male ratio is quite skewed here.
The bookish look.
After speaking with the officers, we headed into the Castilla Mines.
Mini Steel Ararats!
Upon entering the mine, we received a Castilla Mine Explorers medal.  We first encountered 2 Bearwalkers and they were a pain to defeat.  Once we entered the mine entrance, we encountered a single Steel Ararat.  It wasn't too difficult until it was down to 20% health, at which point Mini Steel Ararats started spawning and the main Steel Ararat was casting wide area Fear over and over.  We did eventually defeat the Steel Ararat and stepped into the next area, only to be defeated by 2 Phobitans before we knew what was happening.

The glow of a +8

The other night, a +8 Rod of Revelation 2S dropped from Rion Hollows.  It's our first time seeing a +8 anything so we took a picture.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Level Up Gift Boxes

Tonight, our family reached family level 31+3.  That by itself isn't all that special but what was special was that 5 sets of 3 Level Up Gifts Boxes appeared in our inventory.  They were arranged by level but we're not sure how it is categorized.
Activating the box causes a treasure chest to appear.
So we received the following items:
Box: Family Lv: 2
  1. AM's Boost (event) x3, Healing Potion x50, Soul Potion x20
  2. Event Triump Fillers x6, Healing Potions x50, Soul Potion x20
  3. same as #2 above
Box Family Lv 4
  1. Pet food x20, Healing Liquor x50, Soul Liquor x20
  2. AM's Boost (event) x9, Healing Liquor x50, Soul Liquor x20
  3. same as #2 above
Box Family Lv 5
  1. Pet food x30, Healing Liquor x100, Soul Liquor x40
  2. same as #1
  3. same as #1
Box Family Lv 7
  1. Devil Wing (15 Day), Health-filler x50, Soul Liquor x50
  2. Lucifer Wing (15 Day), Health-filler x50, Soul Liquor x50
  3.  same as #1
Box Family Lv 9
  1. Tactics Manual: Expert (7 Days-Event), Health-filler x100, Soul Liquor x50, Polish: Veteran x7, Lv 100 Enchantment Chip
  2. same as #1
  3. Combat Manual: Expert (7 Days-Event), Health-filler x100, Soul Liquor x50, Polish: Veteran x7, Lv 100 Enchantment Chip

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update to version 5

Tonight, we discovered that the game has been updated to version 5.  There are quite a few changes and we are still disoriented.  So far, we have found:
  • Some of rings worn by characters were moved to the market manager cabinet.  Not sure on what determines what ring to move as some characters only had one ring moved.  It also didn't seem to depend on the particular skill ring as some characters kept wearing that particular skill ring while others had it moved.
  • Pre veteran stances were set to the maximum level of 25.  We'll have to double check it later on our STR Catherine.
  • New expert stances.  We had Grace learn Superior Blaster and am attempting to level it.
  • Polishers below Veteran were removed.  They might have been replaced by Shiny Crystals which we got a few hundred of.
  • My Dress Room - This is a great feature that allows us to see the new costumes that have yet to be released.  It's quite a tease.
  • 3 of our warp points have been removed.  We noticed that one of them was Katovic Snowfields and El Canon Diabolica was another.  We forgot what the 3rd was.
  • There's something to get from "Receive Premium Item".  We received 3 sets of 3 promotional scrolls each (Veteran, Expert, and Master).
  • The world map has changed.
  • We can see the targetmob type that we're fighting such as Beast and Undead.
  • Reckless Emilia is back, we saw her wandering around town.
  • The wuwu family already has Catherine Torsche and Valeria.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finishing Calypso's quest

Just to get it out of our quest logs, we finished the rest of Calypso's quest today.
It took us awhile to find the right spot.
He was knocked out with 1 steel bullet.
Bordering on weirdness.
We didn't even know these two were there until we looked.
He's so vain. Serves him right to be rejected by Emilia.
Macho men and fancy coffee
Now we have a spare stance book.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garcia joins the family

After many hours spent gathering the 50 Cabbages from the Katovic Snowfields, we were able to convince Invierno to allow us to use his cooking pot to make soup.
He really has a big crush on her doesn't he.
So we cured Garcia and we headed back to Auch to visit Simon.  After a brief conversation between the two, Garcia joined our family and we also received a level 100 Enchantment Chip & 3 Polish: Veteran.  This is a divergence from the guide at the wiki which said that we would have a choice.  But any case, we still received Garcia's card, an enchantment chip, and some polishers.
We were hoping to beat you into submission.  Oh well.
We reported back to Eleanor about Garcia and received 5 Soul Crystal (event) and 3 Polish: Veteran.
Garcia officially joins our family.
Looking at his abilities and capabilities, it doesn't seem as if Garcia will excel at anything.  Still, we might use him for fun in a  team with Eduardo.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Defeated the quest version of Novia!

Tonight, we manage to do something that we never thought we would be able to do.  We managed to complete the instance mission that involved defeating Novia in the Ice Wizard Tower.  It took a little more than a half dozen tries and some of the tries had us being defeated in less than 10 seconds but once we got past the summoned creatures, we were able to think carefully.  We did not have any wings or enchanted costume items.  We also forgot to use special potions like Triump Fillers and AM Boosts which we were saving for this occasion and we even forgot to bring out our pet.  Now that we think about it, we even forgot about the Sage necklace the Old Man gave us so long ago.  Fortunately, we had a few hundred healing potions that healed 750 points each.
Novia was weak to lightning.
Our team was composed of a Expert level 1 Romina with a level 18 Equites stance wielding a +4 Unique Trump Sword, a Expert level 1 elementalist using a +4 Veteran Ancestral Lightning Bracelet in the Possession Lightning stance, and a Expert level 2 Grace with a level 18 Flintlock stance wielding a +6 Black Dragon (with no special stats that affects this fight).  The first thing we did when the fight started was to have Romina rush in and knock out Montoro because we didn't know what tricks he had.  This resulted in everything following us and we ran away to the edge.
Yes, you were the weakest one in the group.

While at the edge, our Grace and elementalist were knocked out and only 2 summons managed to follow our Romina along the edge.  The other summons and Novia herself turned their attention to Garcia and Selva so our Romina ran a complete circle along the edge of the battlefield and revived Grace.  With Grace attacking the summons from behind and Romina attacking from the front, the 2 summons were easily defeated.  Right before they were defeated, the 3rd summon slowly walked over to join the action so we included him too.  After we defeated the 3 summons, we revived our elementalist as it was her turn to shine.

With out elementalist Eloise leading the way, Grace off to the side, and Romina hanging back, we found Novia just wandering around.  Our tactic at this point was to have our elementalist constantly cast Lightning on Novia as Novia was unable to block it and it inflicted 2500 to 4500 damage per attack.  When our elementalist was knocked out (and it happened about a half dozen times), Grace distracted Novia (damages her between 450 - 999) such that Romina could use her revival skills.  With this tactic, we managed to defeat Novia with less than 3 minutes to spare.
Future tsundere?
After Novia panicked, Montoro, Garcia, and Selva got up against and had an argument.  As time was short for us, we didn't spend too much time listening to their conversation and got them to hurry up.  Apparently, Garcia was cursed when he jumped in between Montoro and Selva.
Where have that seen that type of personality before...
Now we have to gather ingredients for a soup.  It'll take awhile but fortunately, there is a +30% drop rate bonus these 2 weeks.

Friday, February 4, 2011

First look at Interna de Gigante

Upon returning the stone items to Igorne, we were given the task to scout out Interna de Gigante for him.
It looked similar to one of the missions of the Christmas event.
Getting to Interna de Gigate from Caebolan was relatively easy as the creatures in Caebolan are slow.  We didn't have much contact with the denizens of the dungeon before the action started.
It's actually not a fair fight.
Once we located Sharon, it wasn't long before Igorne and his harem of rifle wielding Rescue Knights showed up.  There was a brief conversation between between the two and the lopsided fight started.  In mere seconds, the squad of Rescue Knights easily dispatched the group of creatures surrounding Sharon.
Guest starring.. Eduardo!
Once Igorne's team defeated Sharon's team, Eduardo suddenly showed up to get a piece of the glory, as in he engaged in hand to hand combat with Sharon herself and obviously won.

The next part of the quest line requires farming for some Amethyst Fragments so we'll continue the quest line some other day.